XVG Debit Cards and more Verge Coin News 10

XVG Debit Cards and more Verge Coin News

The Verge (XVG) project has come a long way in the past few months and the team has managed to put behind a few hiccups that had threatened the progress of the project along the way. These included the delay of releasing the Wraith protocol back in January, as well as the Verge code being hacked mid this year, and extra XVG minted on the blockchain.

But the team has learnt from the past and managed to keep trodding in the crypto-verse with extra news of a new wallet as well as rebasing the code of XVG to the most recent and secure of Bitcoin. It is with this background that the team wishes to update the Verge family on the most recent developments.

XVG Debit Cards

The partnership between Verge and TokenPay brought about the partial ownership of the WEG Bank in Germany. With time, the Litecoin foundation partnered with TokenPay to further explore the chances of incorporating all their resources – including the bank – to mutually benefit each project.

XVG Debit cards have always been on the minds of all Verge fans and XVG developer Marvin Piekarek (popularly know on twitter as @marpme_) had this to say on the progress:

We are waiting on TokenPay’s team to fully implement support of debit cards to facilitate the use of Verge.

The New Codebase and the Bitcoin Bug

The discovery of a bug on the most recent Bitcoin Core code, created questions as to whether Verge would be affected. This is because the team had decided to rebase their code to that of Bitcoin. However, Marvin Piekarek has consistently extinguished any fears of vulnerabilities by stating the following:

We already took our time to investigate this issue within our latest codebase and we came to the conclusion that we aren’t vulnerable to this kind of attack. As added security, we are going to include the bitcoin fix into our new codebase as well.

Wallet Update

The team at Verge have been constantly working on the new XVG wallet which is poised to be one of the fastest as well as extremely user friendly. The team is also debating on whether to have the wallet as a full-core node. They have promised to update the community with developments on this issue.

RSK (Smart Contracts)

With regards to smart contracts, Marvin Piekarek had this to say:

We’ll start investing more time into RSK as soon as we get the rest of the list checked off. So please bear with us.

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