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XVG Developers Clarify Verge’s Codebase Does Not Have Bitcoin Core Vulnerability

Earlier on in the week, the crypto and blockchain community was made aware of a bug in the Bitcoin Core code. The vulnerability affected versions 0.16.3 and 0.17.0rc4 of the code behind the famous blockchain network. An anonymous user originally reported the denial-of-service bug to top developers of Bitocin Core and Bitcoin ABC (the software implementation of Bitcoin Cash).

After proper analysis, it was found that the bug was critical to the point where the developers decided to keep the details secret at first. This was due to the fact that a malicious attacker could have used it to mint more BTC above the 21 Million limit of the coin’s hard cap. Such an act would have probably shaken the cryptocurrency community to the core and caused a knee-jerk reactions in the markets.

Verge Codebase Connection

Earlier on in the month, Ethereum World News had reported on the latest developments of the Verge project. One of the developments included the team at Verge upgrading the codebase of the coin to that of Bitcoin Core version 0.13. They had then stated that they were in the process of upgrading to the affected version of 0.17.

It is with this fact that one of their core developers, who simply goes by the pseudo-name Marpme, announced via twitter, that the cryptocurrency was unaffected by the bug for they were yet to upgrade to the affected versions.

He went on to explain that:

$XVG #XVG The already fixed vulnerability, which has been found inside the bitcoin core (CVE-2018-17144) a few days ago, is not present in our current codebase.

He also added that as the development team upgrades Verge’s codebase to the newly fixed Bitcoin Core version, they will include the fixes in XVG’s software. A copy of the tweet can be found below.

More on the Bitcoin Vulnerability

Anyone with an interest in the technical details of the Bitcoin Core vulnerability, can read more about it on the Bitcoin Core website through this link.

What do you think of the discovery of a bug in the Bitcoin code? What does it mean for future upgrades on the network? Does it affect your faith in cryptocurrencies? Please let us know what you think in the comment section below. 

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