Zilliqa (ZIL) and Ox (ZRX) Doing Double Digit Gains Again

Less than two days ago, Zilliqa (ZIL) and Ox (ZRX) were observed by Ethereum World News as doing double digit gains in 24 hours. Zilliqa was up 12.64% in 24 hours and was trading at $0.144. ZRX on the other hand was trading at $1.79 and up 17.64% in 24 hours.

Observing the markets once again, and at the moment of writing this, the two tokens are still shooting for the Stratosphere with their current gains. Zilliqa is currently trading at $0.199 and up 23.88% in 24 hours. When compared with the $0.144 value mentioned earlier, ZIL has done 38.2% since May 8th.

With respect to Ox (ZRX), the token is currently trading at $1.78 and up 10.64%. Comparing this value with that of 2 days ago, there is not much difference. But when looking at the 7 day chart according to coinmarketcap.com, you beginning to understand why this coin is the favorite of Day Traders on the crypto-verse. After achieving peak levels of $1.84 on May 8th, ZRX dipped to $1.62 less than 9 hours later. This was then accompanied by another rally to $1.74 which happend 8 hours later after which it again fell to levels of $1.56. For the trader who knows how to do Technical Analysis and identify patterns, this is the token to do day trading with.

The general market feel is promising with most coins and tokens in the green save for one or two. The total market capitalization is holding steady at $437.75 Billion with Bitcoin (BTC) gaining some ground. The King of Crypto is up 2.77% in 24 hours and currently trading t $9,371.

Ethereum (ETH) seems to be getting ready to test $800 with its current value of $766 and an increment of 5.28% in 24 hours. Ripple on the other hand seems to be having a hard time getting away from the current $0.80 value that has been its norm for the past few days. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is also gaining at a rate of 8.97% in 24 hours and valued at $1,665. EOS and LTC are valued at $18.19 and $159 respectively.