Zilliqa (ZIL) Project Updates: Sharding, Scilla, Partnership News and Mainnet Launch Date

The team at Zilliqa (ZIL) can be commended for continually working on the project as well as communicating with the ZIL community whenever there is a development. In a post on the Zilliqa medium page, the team at ZIL wished to update its fans on the following:

  • Mainnet launch date
  • Partnership news
  • Scilla programming language and technology updates
Mainnet Launch date

With regards to the Mainnet launch, the team at Zilliqa requests its community to be more patient as they need more time to work on the final product. The team is currently looking at releasing the Mainnet at the end of the year or in January 2019. The reason for the postponement is that they need the additional time to carry out the following:

  • Conduct thorough security audits
  • Prepare for and execute the token swap
  • Integrate with wallets
  • Develop toolchains
  • Bring more DApps onboard
Partnership News

On August 2nd, the Zilliqa team announced a partnership with Infoteria which is a leading enterprise software company in Japan. The company is also listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. According to the team at ZIL, this new partnership will be beneficial in the following ways:

The partnership will enable enterprise systems to easily utilize Zilliqa’s next-generation high-throughput blockchain platform to power enterprise usage and adoption of Decentralized Applications (DApps).

Both Infoteria and Zilliqa will promote the Zilliqa platform on ASTERIA — Infoteria’s middleware product that currently has more than 6,500 enterprise customers and 41% market share in Japan. We will also be launching a series of initiatives to support the development of enterprise DApps based on the Zilliqa blockchain and ASTERIA later this year. Zilliqa will also develop a special connectivity adapter for ASTERIA so that enterprises can easily utilise the Zilliqa platform.

Scilla programming language and technology updates

The team at Zilliqa has managed to merge the two PoWs, as outlined in the whitepaper, into a single PoW. Zilliqa initially had two rounds of Proof of Work to elect new DS nodes and new shard nodes. They have now combined the two into one.

On the side of mining, the team has developed a library using OpenCL to support GPU mining for the Ethash-based PoW. Miners can now start to leverage their GPUs to mine test ZILs.

With respect to the testnet, the team is constantly pushing hard on the code quality as well as improving on sharding.

The first version of typechecker for Scilla Contracts has also been launched. You can now typecheck your Scilla contract using the binanry`scilla-checker` to be found in the `bin` folder of the Scilla project repository.

More information about these updates can be found in the earlier mentioned medium post by the Zilliqa team.