XLM Future Target

$0.35, $1, $3 and $6.41 Per Stellar (XLM) Price Predictions

The markets are still shaky with Bitcoin (BTC) once again attempting to touch $7,000. Ethereum (ETH) might have found its footing above $400 and is currently trading at $421. Ripple (XRP) is also at the brink of passing $0.50 at the moment of writing this. Our precious Stellar (XLM) has not been left behind and is currently trading at $0.204, up 2.27% in 24 hours.

It is Stellar (XLM) that we want to focus on. And in particular, a few price predictions available on the world wide web.

The first price prediction puts XLM at $0.35 by the end of the year. This price prediction is based purely on Technical Analysis by the team at WalletInvestor.com. This is a very conservative price prediction. They go ahead and advise that if you are looking for virtual currencies with good return, XLM can be a profitable investment option.

The second price prediction was done by OracleTimes.com and puts XLM at a good $1 price very soon. Considering that XLM had touched $0.92 levels on January 3rd this year, this is a more plausible prediction since the article was written in December, 2017. This price prediction is based on the technical capabilities of the Stellar platform that has attracted numerous partnerships from IBM, SatoshiPay, EXCH.ONE, Klick Ex, Mobius and Hashcash. Of worthy mentioning, are the 9 current IBM Stellar Nodes being used for cross border payment settlements that could lead to a few global Central Banks opting for the Stellar Platform for their own National Cryptocurrencies.

A third price prediction is ambitious and puts Stellar at the $2 to $3 range by the end of the year. This is also based on the banking improvements around the globe due to Stellar. The nations that have benefited from the Stellar network are from India, Philippines, Nigeria and several African Countries. Of noteworthy mentioning, is the IBM partnership once again in this price prediction.

A fourth and not necessarily last price prediction on the web, puts XLM at an ambitious $6.41 by the end of the year. This price prediction is courtesy of coinliker.com. The site states that the XLM price predictions are updated every 5 minutes and that they wrote a custom algorithm to hopefully predict future prices for all of our listed digital crypto currencies similar to Stellar. And with it, they have identified that XLM could potentially be very profitable.

All in all, Stellar (XLM) is pretty much a Dark Horse as we head down 2018. Perhaps what many Crypto traders are not aware, are the numerous partnerships that Stellar has already made. They include companies in over 40 countries in industries such as money remittance (TEMPO), mobile financial services (coins.ph), asset management (Stronghold), Crypto exchanges (NaoBTC), digital commerce (cellulant), financial consulting (Deloitte), technology (IBM)…just to name a few.

What then remains to be seen, is the upward increase in value of XLM in the markets as the market gets some much needed stability above the total $250 Billion crypto market cap.