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$10 Per Ripple (XRP) And Its Bug Bounty Program

During my regular early morning googling session I came across a very interesting fact about the Ripple project. There is a bug bounty that is currently being offered by the Ripple (XRP) team to anyone who can find any security relevant bugs in their software offerings (https://github.com/ripple). Perhaps it is time some of us stopped trading and dug deep down into finding bugs in software and getting those bounties to ‘fatten’ our digital wallets as the market tries to recover from its December highs.

The Ripple (XRP) team goes ahead to explain what qualifies as a valid bug. They say the bug must be in the Ripple software or infrastructure. It has to be relevant in terms of posing a risk to user funds, privacy or operation of the network. It has to be unique, new and fixable. The team also asks you not to use the bug to attack the network for they will not pay you any bounty. This last condition for awarding the bounty is hilarious yet very necessary.

Perhaps with such a great emphasis on fund and user security by the team shall we see the much anticipated $10 XRP price prediction by the end of the year. If Ripple continues with its momentum of partnerships and proving its software payment settlement solutions, we should be ready for a glorious increment in the coin value in the market.

The Executive Chairman, CEO and President of SBI Holdings, Yashitaka Kitao, has been quoted on twitter on numerous occasions being very emphatic about the $10. Below is one such tweet.

$10 Per Ripple (XRP) And Its Bug Bounty Program 12The $10 XRP prediction was done by considering that Ripple is currently very much undervalued in the crypto markets. A coin with such a proven product in real life problem solving situations, should be in the tens if not hundreds of dollars in value. But let us be realistic and stick to $10 although past performance of the coin in 2017 puts it at a 28,000% miraculous increment that year.

If that were to be replicated using the current value of XRP at $0.66, we will have a price of $184.8 per XRP by the end of 2018. All this depends on whether the market will have an increase in volume to maintain such prices as we move ahead in the year.