$100k Up For Grabs With Tron's (TRX) Bug Bounty Program 10

$100k Up For Grabs With Tron’s (TRX) Bug Bounty Program

So what do you do when you launch a new platform amidst news reports of similar projects having security issues with their code? You do what Justin Sun just did by offering a Tron (TRX) Bug Bounty for any bugs or loopholes found in Tron’s New MainNet that is available for download on GitHub.

The rewards vary in value from $100 to $100,000. This might be because not all bugs are created equal. Some might be as small as an arithmetic error in a ‘none essential’ function in the code; or a full blown catastrophe where hackers steal funds. The time frame to find Bugs on the MainNet ranges from 1st June to 24th June and before the Genesis block is launched on the 25th of June.

Justin made the announcement via Twitter and had this to say:

Calling all developers! #TRON mainnet is live on #github and we’re offering up to $100K in #bugbounty rewards. Bring your A game. $TRX

$100k Up For Grabs With Tron's (TRX) Bug Bounty Program 11
Bug Bounty Flier By TRON

Justin has also invited all of us to join in the INDEPENDENCE of Tron by downloading the MainNet, dubbed Odyssey V2.0, on GitHub. This is an opportune time for any developer who believes in him/herself. $100,000 is a good amount for a few days of work behind a computer screen.

Justin also had this to say about the GitHub release:

#TRX $TRX #TRONSR A beginning of a new era. A CALL FOR INDEPENDENCE: #TRON main net Odyssey-v2.0 just released. Please join #TRON in @github and download Odyssey V2.0.

Tron Foundtion and Justin Sun can be lauded for being cautious with the launch. They first released the MainNet and invited developers to ‘mess around’ with it so as to find vulnerabilities ahead of the release of the Genesis block. This will prevent cases of where MainNet’s have been found to have issues after launch such as the Ethereum smart contract vulnerabilities that were discovered earlier this year.

Also to note, are the two hacks on Verge’s (XVG) protocol and the current issues with EOS’ MainNet launch where ‘epic vulnerabilities’ were found only days before the MainNet is to be launched on the 2nd of June. Perhaps what the team at EOS should do, is follow Tron’s example of having a bug bounty program before the actual token swap.