31st May and 2 Other Crucial Dates For Tron (TRX) 10

31st May and 2 Other Crucial Dates For Tron (TRX)

As soon as Tron’s Testnet was launched on the 31st of March this year via livestream on both twitter and periscope, a new countdown was started. This new one was for the release of the Main Net version of the Tron (TRX) network that is slated as being the best of the best in the industry. Along with the Main Net launch, there are two other critical dates for the Tron project that are equally important.

But let us start with the date for the MainNet launch.

31st May, 2018: This is the offical date for the launch of the Tron Main Net launch. In days, and referencing today, the launch is 33 days away. On the 19th of May, Justin Sun, via his twitter page, had calculated the time to the detail. In the tweet, he said:

#TRON Main Net Launch Countdown: 41 days, 984 hours, 59,040 minutes, 3,542,400 seconds! #TRONSR $TRX

There is also a Reddit page dedicated to the countdown towards the Main Net launch.

21st June, 2018: This date is significant to the Tron project for it will be when the Tron Foundation will initiate the token migration from the ERC20 platform to the fully developed Tron Network. All transactions on exchanges are advised to be frozen from the 22nd to the 23rd of June as the process happens automatically in them. If users miss out on the migration on the set days, there will be a forever-supportive exchange (yet to be named) that will facilitate users to do so.

The migration will be in exchanges to guarantee the security of the tokens and coins for the users.

26th June, 2018: This is when the Super Representative elections will be held. A Super respresantive is  the bookkeeper on the TRON network. The elected number will be a total of 27. They are responsible for verifying the transaction data distributed on the network to perform package transaction and create blocks. Super representative’s information is publicly available on the TRON network.

The above 3 dates, in addition to planned TRX listings on more exchanges in the future, are sure to excite the Crypto-verse and the markets in the coming days. The best way to be in tune with the events, is perhaps to set your own countdowns using the numerous available mobile apps or simply set calendar reminders on your phone.