A Business School In Paris Is Getting Paid In Bitcoin To Teach Blockchain 10

A Business School In Paris Is Getting Paid In Bitcoin To Teach Blockchain

As the campaign for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies intensifies, various institutions and enterprises are making a move to capitalize on the opportunity to play a part in the process. The latest entrants into this crypto space are schools, and most precisely institutions of higher learning. Financia Business School is a Paris-based learning institution that offers various business-related degree courses. Learners can also earn their MBAs there.

Crypto Revolution: Catching Up With The Wave

Founded back in 2014, Financia Business School has made quick steps to catch up with the evolving educational sector especially in regard to the new emerging fields like blockchain-based technologies. To achieve that goal, the school recently joined a number of other institutions offering crypto and blockchain-related courses. To highlight the program’s success, some of the graduates from the school have gone on to work for large and popular corporate entities like Credit Agricole, Societe Generale, and BNP Paribas. That’s evident in the fact that in the last 2-3 years, blockchain-related employment opportunities have really increased.

Being a school that’s getting popular very fast, Financia Business School prides itself in the fact that about a quarter of its students come from foreign countries. As such, the institution saw it fit to help ease the struggles faced by students when it comes to making cross-border payments to settle their school fees.

Being a school that actually teaches crypto and blockchain studies, the solution seemed quite conspicuous, and the school jumped right into it. Students can now settle their fees with crypto tokens, precisely Bitcoin. This way, the money transfers are easier and easier to track. Everyone wins. To make the process even better, the school has partnered with a company called Coin Capital. So far, 5 students have paid their fees with Bitcoin.

More Institutions Are Joining The Wagon

Financia Business School isn’t the first to offer crypto and blockchain courses. Stanford University is one of the most famed universities offering various such courses.  Results from a recent study also indicate that, currently, over 40% of the top 50 Universities in the world are now offering blockchain and crypto-related courses.

While more students get interested in cryptos and blockchain technologies, the wave is partly fueled by the sudden increase in job opportunities relating to the emerging industry. Between 2017 and 2018, such jobs have increased by upwards of 300%, and that’s just within the United States. Another study carried by a recruitment firm called Robert Walters found that crypto and blockchain jobs within Asia have increased by 50% since 2017.

That said, it’s easy to understand why a dynamic school like Financia would want to grab the opportunity to go with the flow. It’s such developments that could be the driving force behind serious Bitcoin adoption and possibly affect its price upwards.