Ahead Of Possible Streamlab Partnership, Verge (XVG) Unveils Tempting New Wallet 14

Ahead Of Possible Streamlab Partnership, Verge (XVG) Unveils Tempting New Wallet

With potentials to get more partners, Verge has decided to redesign its wallet. The mystery partnership which later turned out to be Pornhub, followed by Brazzer and to the recent desire to be a trusted partner of Spotify, coupled with in house information that Verge is driving towards collaborating with Paypal and Venmo, XVG sees the need to present itself good beyond partnership.

In this wise, the cryptocurrency has decided to put on a new look while redesigning its wallet, and at the same time campaigning to be added on Streamlab.

The team just indicated it is working on the backend to get a user-friendly wallet and at the same time create a better interface. The official Verge team web/UI designer, Waveon3 made this indication on his Twitter page disclosing  that he has been working on a new look for their existing wallet and has come up with modifications.

Ahead Of Possible Streamlab Partnership, Verge (XVG) Unveils Tempting New Wallet 15

Ahead Of Possible Streamlab Partnership, Verge (XVG) Unveils Tempting New Wallet 16

Verge Wallet New Look


Verge Runs After Streamlab

Verge is demanding that its community suggest the cryptocoin to Streamlab, a technology startup based in San Francisco, which build tools and software that allows live streamers to engage with viewers, monetize their broadcasts, and grow their channels.

“Suggest verge on @StreamlabsHQ ! https://ideas.streamlabs.com/ideas/SL-I-4111  $XVG #vergefam,” Verge said in a tweet.

The demand got many reshare and as well, Verge community started imploring Streamlab to do what was demanded by Verge.

Paypal and Venmo: Possible Verge Partner.

The moment Verge unveiled Pornhub as a partner that can make it penetrate the cryptocurrency market, just like Oliver Twist, the cryptocoin started looking for more. After unveiling the Pornhub and Brazzer partnership, Verge (XVG) is trying hard to make more relevant partnership, one of them is Paypal and Venmo. The cryptocoin partnered with TrafficJunky, and prior, was keen on adding Spotify to the list.

According to yesterday’s news reported, which indicated that an in-house informants said “Verge is aggressively pursuing PayPal via their Venmo platform”.

The news source indicated that Venmo and Paypal is thinking of adding multiple cryptocurrencies to their platform with Verge at the forefront of being added.

“There is nothing in this industry like momentum, and we have it right now. It is powerful and is pumping adrenaline into the heart of this place right now,” the news publication claimed adding that, “Yes, we are pursuing any and all partnerships, but the payments partnerships are at the top of our list.”

“And not just TPay either. Venmo is on the ‘verge’ (lol) of doing some next level stuff and we are hitting them hard to be included. I feel good about the possibilities there, I will say that.”

The publication also reported that it conversed with a former executive at PayPal who now consults for them regarding cryptocurrencies, “Venmo will announce something by the end of 2018 and the idea is to attempt to one-up Square by bringing 5-10 cryptos onto the platform right at the outset. I can confirm that Verge is seriously in the mix.”