All Bets On Tron (TRX) Moving Forward 10

All Bets On Tron (TRX) Moving Forward

Two days ago, Tron (TRX) looked unstoppable in the markets. The gains by the token were in the form of double digit gains once the crypto-verse was alerted that the popular token would be listed on Coinbene.

The Coinbene exchange is ranked 25th on when you do an complete analysis of exchanges that charge fees and those that do not. The exchange is currently dong a cool $125.84 Million in daily trading. The website is available in the five languages of English, Chinese, Portuguese, Vietnamese and Malay. It also covers over 150 countries across the globe. The exchange also tops up its services by providing its users with a mobile app available on both Android and iOS.

The TRX market action has also been accompanied by several anticipated announcements that were kicked off by the release of Testnet on the 31st of March this year. Mainnet is slated for release on the 31st of May and total token migration to the Tron network, has been scheduled for the 21st of June. There is also the Super representative elections to be held on the 26th of June this year.

It is with the above premise that all bets are on the Tron project moving forward. Any additional listing in the markets will surely add liquidity to the token and further push its value to heights closer to the $0.10 mark if not to previous highs of around $0.30 per TRX.

As the days trod on, one is tempted to set calendar reminders for the aforementioned dates and with respect to the Tron project.

The Tron foundation and project has a charismatic CEO who will stop at nothing to realize the vision of the project. Justin Sun is considered as a true protege of Jack Ma and even graduated from Ma’s Hapun University less than two months ago. The aim of the university is to groom promising entrepreneurs in the ever changing world of business that seems to evolve in tandem with the global technological advancements.

In conclusion, there are a lot of events on the Tron calender that are sure to determine the impact of the token, and later coin, in the crypto-verse. Many HODLers and traders are constantly looking to social media platforms for updates from the Tron Foundation, that might affect the price of TRX in the market.