All Eyes Are on Next Week's Swell Event by Ripple 10

All Eyes Are on Next Week’s Swell Event by Ripple

Last week’s performance of XRP in the crypto markets reminded us why we love this industry. It also reminded us of the short lived bull run from last November to January this year. This was because XRP managed to gain from levels of $0.274 on the 18th of September, to $0.80 on the 21st and due to the exciting news that xRapid might go live in the next month or so.Doing the math, this was a percentage increment of 192% in 4 days. However, XRP has since lost a majority of the gains and is currently trading at $0.45 at the moment of writing this.

Swell Event By Ripple

On October 1st to the 2nd of this year, Ripple is hosting the SWELL event in San Francisco, CA. The event is meant to connect the world’s leading experts in policy, payments and technology for a proactive dialogue in global payments today.

Former US President, Bill Clinton, will be the keynote speaker at the event. President Clinton has been credited for his proactive approach during the American economic boom of the 90s. Some reports estimate that the US economy grew by 4% annually during his tenure as president from 1993 to 2001.

The Deputy General Counsel of the IMF, Ross Leckow, will also be attending the event. His attendance has not gone unnoticed by the XRP Community who believe that the IMF is slowly but surely warming up to cryptocurrencies.

@xrp_news tweeted the following with regards to the Deputy General Counsel to the IMF attending SWELL, 2018:

The Deputy General Counsel of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) will be attending SWELL in 9 days. I’m not sure people realize how big that really is. #xrp #xrpthestandard #ripple

Speculation that xRapid Will Be Officially Launched During SWELL

There is also the additional speculation amongst the XRP community that xRapid will be officially launched at the event by the Ripple company.

In conclusion, next week’s SWELL event is a major event in the Ripple calendar. The event features influential speakers such as Former President Bill Clinton and The Deputy General Counsel of the IMF, Ross Leckow. With the event less than a week away, many XRP fans are eager to find out what will be announced or discussed at the event and how it will affect the value of the digital asset in the market.

What is your opinion on the SWELL event? Do you think xRapid might be officially launched during the event? Please let us know in the comment section below. 

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