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Anthony Di Lorio: Ethereum [ETH] Co-founder Commences Jaxx Liberty Wallet

Ethereum (ETH) co-founder Anthony Di Lorio – launched Jaxx Liberty digital wallet app. It is developed for the sole reason to make digital currencies easier to be accessed by the masses. Decentral – Toronto based multi-coin platform announced the launch of the wallet.

A new interface will be introduced with a unified dashboard and a module based step by step on the wallet to support over 70 cryptocurrencies outlook. It has added even a latest-news tracking device which will keep users updated all the time.

First it will be available for users from Canada, with a global-wide spread planned to come. Anthony Di Lorio:

“As the popularity of cryptocurrency continues to grow, the ecosystem has become increasingly fragmented, Jaxx Liberty takes an important step towards unifying and empowering the blockchain community to take control of their digital lives.”

The aim of the app and the project as a whole is very similar to what all crypto-enthusiasts believe in: One single crypto bringing all currencies together. Decentral has developed Jaxx Liberty, which aims to solve many the crypto problems.

“Before the web browser, adoption of the Internet was limited to tech-savvy early adopters. That’s the stage we’re at today with cryptocurrency. Jaxx Liberty is the web browser for your digital assets, empowering the masses to adopt the benefits of cryptocurrency and blockchain.”