Are You A TRON Believer? TRON (TRX) is Recruiting TRONICS Members To Enhance Its Ecosystem 10

Are You A TRON Believer? TRON (TRX) is Recruiting TRONICS Members To Enhance Its Ecosystem

The Tron (TRX) Foundation is currently carrying out what it calls Core TRONICS Recruitment. This is a recruitment drive to get individuals who love blockchain technology and in particular, the Tron project, to join their ever active Tronics members. Emphasis is put on the love of the project as well as belief in its future. Anyone who fits this description is invited to join the core TRONICS via the instructions below and also available online. The recruitment drive ends on the 25th of June during the Tron Independence Day.

The intention of TRONICS is to help the TRON Community develop a healthy Tron ecosystem.

Core TRONICS Candidate will carry out the following activities once selected:

  • Translation and dissemination of the latest TRON news into the various prominent and minority global languages
  • Collect community feedback
  • Dedicate their time and patience
  • Answer questions from new users
  • Provide Tron product experience reports
  • Organize Tron’s offline meet ups
  • Maintain community health, ensure community participation and organize activites
  • Use personal work experience in the field of technology to support and advice the project
  • Anything else that might be required to enhance the Tron environment

The Tron foundation also gives the following requirements to become a Tronics member:

  • Be a HODLer of at least 10,000 TRX
  • Be a faithful Tron believer and blockchain believer
  • Have a deep understanding of blockchain technology
  • Proficiency in a minority language is a plus (e.g Hindi etc)
  • Posses a group with 500 active fans or experiences of building a group

The benefits of being a TRONICS core member include:

  1. Cooperate with TRON team to get the latest news of TRON and its partnerships
  2. Participate in TRON’s offline activities as special guests
  3. Gain some TRX once in a while
  4. Receive feedback on a regular basis to better integrate into the TRON ecosystem
  5. Get TRON customized gift packages and medals of honor
  6. Participate in TRONICS offline meetings every quarter

How to register

The Tron foundation asks that you:

  1. List your reasons of becoming a core TRONIC member e.g foreign language proficiency, understanding of blockchain, understanding of TRON
  2. Provide personal information e.g name, phone number, email, telegram username
  3. Send the above to [email protected] 
  4. Deadline for application: 25th June 2018