Bamb-U Australia Offers 50% Discount On Every Transaction Through Verge (XVG), Tokenpay (Tpay) 10

Bamb-U Australia Offers 50% Discount On Every Transaction Through Verge (XVG), Tokenpay (Tpay)

There has been silence in the Verge (XVG) community after the last attack, with many observers saying the end of the altcoin has come. The Verge Meet-up came shortly afterward, and it was branded a success.

Then, series of issues has been surfacing in the cryptocurrency community, but on the end of Verge, the news that Bamb-U has started accepting Verge and TokenPay enlivened the VergeFams.

Not that it has only started accepting the two coins alone, the Australia’s leading bamboo sunglasses & bamboo watches brand, was said to have put a 50% discount on every transaction made with Verge and TokenPay.

Mihael, Verge Currency Core Team member saddled with the responsibility of business development and Community Management pointed to this information in a tweet today:

#VergeFam and #TokenPayFam, @bambu_products is awesome! They now offer a 50% discount for everyone that pays with @vergecurrency or @tokenpay! Thank you for supporting #massadoption and our communities! $XVG $TPAY #VergeCurrency #TokenPay.”

Interestingly, the same was indicated on Bamb-U official website:

“Pay With Verge Currency Or Token Pay & Get 50% Off Your Purchase.”

It could be said that since Verge partnered with PornHub, series of partnerships have been coming in. Verge today, despite ups and downs, which could be seen as a necessary hindrance in the crypto space owing to the newness of the technology, have won more friends than foes. The crypto coin is now moving closer day by day to partnering with big companies.

Recently, XVG initiated a campaign for mass adoption, in the campaign, Spotify, was one big company targeted by the Verge community.

Cees Van Dam, Verge’s core member in charge of recruitment and social media, initiated the campaign.

He said in a tweet:  “#vergefam, help us Verge being added as a payment option on @Spotify. Please retweet but do us a favour, click on the link, vote en preferably add your comment. Together we can do it!”

About Bamb-U Australia

Bamb-U Australia have different Bamboo Watches & Bamboo Sunglasses of the highest quality craftsmanship and style. The company derives it material from FSC certified, sustainably farmed South East Asian bamboo.

“Our aim is to ethically make, premium quality, sustainable products that will turn heads, while giving something back at the same time,” Bamb-U has said.

“That’s why, with every bamboo watch or bamboo sunglasses sold, we plant 7 trees in countries affected by deforestation. We use only bamboo in our products because it regenerates every 4 years, compared with the decades it takes to regrow the hard woods used in wooden watches or wooden sunglasses.”