Bitcoin Cash Community Heated Due To "Pre-Consensus" Proposal 10

Bitcoin Cash Community Heated Due To “Pre-Consensus” Proposal

Bitcoin Cash Community has been very active lately due to a proposal released by Amaury Séchet, in which he talked about the possibility of rolling out a protocol known as “Pre-Consensus.”

Bitcoin ABC’s lead developer published the proposal on his twitter. According to the famous programmer, Pre-Consensus would bring several benefits to the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain

Pre-Consensus is defined as a series of technologies that would make it possible to establish some standards in order to determine the characteristics that the next block will have before it is uploaded to the blockchain.

In a publication uploaded to the website, Mr. Séchet mentions that he has spent a lot of time with this idea in his head:

“Even before Bitcoin Cash was a thing, I was promoting the idea of pre-consensus. This refers to a set of technologies allowing network participants to agree as much as possible on what the next block is going to look like. If done well, this provides significantly stronger 0-conf guarantee that we currently have, while also allowing to reach greater scale by moving work out of the critical path (if a node knows what the next block is going to look like, a lot of the validation work can be done ahead of time).”

The document is not yet fully developed. Séchet says it still needs a lot of work to be completed. At the moment, the draft has not made much progress, although its fundamental structure is well conceived.

Séchet says he has been focused on other tasks, but from now on he will work on the development of Pre-consensus as a priority.

“While pre-consensus is on the roadmap since day 1, it has made close to zero progress. I cannot tell why other have not worked on it, but I know why I did not.
These years has been full of crisis to manage, of people wanting attention to get alternatives ideas move forward, the flavor of the day being tokens. While all these projects have value, it is clear that I need to ruthlessly prioritize pre-consensus.”

The community has possitively received Séchet’s proposal. Many believe its implementation would help increase the adoption and functionality of BCH as well as promote scalability solutions.

Ryan Charles, CEO of and Money Button was quite excited after reading the whitepaper published by Séchet on his website:

Others, however, have not been very excited. Craig Wright vigorously attacked the idea after reading the whitepaper.

The discussion has been very active on social networks, especially on Reddit where BCH users have posted their impressions on the r/BTC subreddit.

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