Be your own bank! VivusPay is just the first taste of the Optherium Ecosystem

Be your own bank! VivusPay is just the first taste of the Optherium Ecosystem

In our global world, payments are made routinely across continents, but they can be slow, incur large commissions for conversion and handling, and be vulnerable to hacking. Our personal information from simple passwords to biometric data is often stored in centralized, third party repositories and may have even been replicated to be stored somewhere else. This creates significant risks, and this is only mentioning the domain of fiat currencies.


VivusPay, the mobile banking app, is already up and running for both iOS and Android users. As part of the Optherium Ecosystem, it is the working face of modernity. It is the first in its field to bring together speed, efficiency and security on a global scale, using their trademarked MultiDecentralized Private Blockchains network.


Recently, many cryptocurrency wallets have sprung up, and although offering some level of security, the personal data of users is also wedded to centralized databases. It is obvious that greater security is sorely needed.


VivusPay, powered by Optherium, is not only tackling the aforementioned problems head on, but they are also moving beyond what is currently offered in the financial sphere by rendering cryptocurrencies as a valid, efficient, and secure form of payment. This is regardless of whether you are transferring large sums from business to business or simply paying for a coffee in your local cafe. This is an absolute game changer, as it is the bridge from blockchain to the real world. If you want to transfer Ethereum from New York and have it received as Yen in Japan, this app can facilitate the payment and conversion, with no bottlenecks.


Core Features

MultiDecentralized Private Blockchain Security

This is far more than just a multicurrency wallet, it is backed by the Optherium Ecosystem. Here, your data is stored on multidecentralized private blockchains, meaning that there is no centralized data ready to be hacked into. The unparalleled multisecure technology itself incorporates not just this, but also multisignature transactions, dynamic biometric-based verification, peer-to-peer blockchain roles and multifactor authorization. It is the ultimate Wallet Provider Service.


Dynamic Biometrics

With VivusPay’s patented Dynamic Biometrics technology, you can establish a biometric template (voice, facial movement, fingerprint, retina, etc.) which is stored in the security of the multidecentralised private blockchain and encrypted. This works as a key, password or ID verification tool and can not only be used with VivusPay, but also to confirm your identity when engaging with other Optherium services.


Key Recovery Service

We’ve all heard horror stories about private keys being forgotten, but VivusPay’s KRS (Key Recovery Service) ensures that you will always be able to access your account, no matter where you are. Private keys are kept in cold storage, shared between multiple “air-gapped” computers. Without physical access to hardware, they can’t be hacked. Even with a lost or stolen phone or wallet, you and you alone will still be able to gain access to VivusPay, through multi factor verification that includes Dynamic Biometrics.


Crypto to Fiat, Methods of Payment, Greater Access and Speed

VivusPay facilitates payment through NFC (Near-field communication), QR code, or biometric data. It also allows you to pay at any point of sale using cryptocurrency or the Optherium Mastercard, which also allows you to withdraw from any ATM in the world, instantly exchanging from crypto to fiat currencies as you do it. This makes crypto’s lack of usability a thing of the past. What’s more, VivusPay boasts speeds of 100,000 transactions per second and instant confirmations. This is the fastest in the world.



KYC (Know Your Customer)

VivusPay takes fraud seriously. The Optherium Ecosystem’s KYC service utilizes the same features as the KRS to provide users with verifiable and instant KYC credentials. After validation of a user’s identity, the KYC service can provide proof of existence to validate the user’s identity when engaging with other Optherium Ecosystem services or platforms. All of this is done without disclosing any of the user’s personal data to any other blockchain channel.


White Labelled Wallet Provider Service Powered By Optherium

VivusPay, powered by Optherium, gives us a glimpse of the new blockchain standard. It is already handling global transactions and has proved itself ready to be integrated with banking and other financial services, with their white labelled wallet provider service. Here VivusPay can be customised to suit any business’ needs. For any company wishing to offer their customers heightened security and cryptocurrency services without the risk of fraud, there is no need to look further.


Optherium Ecosystem – The Brain Behind the Project

The Optherium team has an impressive background in both the financial and tech spheres; CEO Serge Beck has over 15 years of experience in engineering critical technological infrastructure for Bear Stearns, HSBC Bank and Meryl Lynch, while Roman Kaganov has experience in apps, robotics, smart contract development and blockchain, working on solutions for Sberbank and Gazprombank (Russia’s largest banks). Together they have pulled together a formidable team and designed this incredibly advanced platform.The Optherium Ecoystem is the infrastructure that incorporates all the features we have seen above, and more products will be rolled out very soon, such as the Bitcrox decentralized currency exchange and more B2B solutions.As we can see, VivusPay is just the first step in the Optherium Ecosystem’s rapidly expanding global financial blockchain infrastructure. It provides safety, usability and speed hitherto unseen in the world of global finance. Very soon, Optherium will start their whitelist sale, meaning you can be part of the revolution from the very start. Whatever you do, don’t miss your chance! With developments coming thick and fast, the Optherium Labs Telegram channel is the best way to stay on top of it all.