Big Companies Queue For Tron (TRX) Super Representative Election 10

Big Companies Queue For Tron (TRX) Super Representative Election

The Tron (TRX) Super Representative Election is on, and many a number of firms are queuing to be elected as governing members.

On June June 26, 2018, after the Tron completely migrates to Mainnet, the first Tron Super Representative Election will be held. During the process, 27 Super Representatives will be selected to represent over one million TRON supporters, while providing calculation and validation for the network.

The elected guardians of the TRON network are to represent the will of the people and will play a crucial role in TRON’s future governance structure.

Due to this, different recognized firms have pledge to run in the election, with the community hoping it will boost the TRX after the winners are announced.

One of the firms who joined in the election is Infinity Stones, a high technology firm based in the silicon valley of the United States with a core philosophy to provide the most convenient cloud management services and the most professional network security protection for the blockchain ecosystem.

Another is SkyPeople. The firm is the developer “Final Blade” published by NCsoft, which is ready to take over Pokémon Go. Final Blade’s is at present leading Taiwan in terms of game content, with plans to launch a new type of game service business using blockchain technology.

Also, BTCC Pool, a cryptocurrency mining pool joined the Tron election. The platform is reliable and offers transparent cryptocurrency mining service with servers in strategic locations all over the world.

Interestingly, ChainDD, the first authoritative financial data platform established by professional team with financial background in China. The platform provides comprehensive blockchain content and data services with industry headlines, deep insights, news-flash, real-time market and due diligence.

While voting is still on, renowned exchanges are also joining in the election. One of them, RightBTC, the first global cryptocurrency trading platform in Dubai, ranked 29th according to coinmarketcap.

To cap it all, BitcoinWorld, a blockchain-based Internet finance company with multiple business lines, including bitcoin mines, BitcoinWorld external digital asset exchange, BITC livestream platform, and so on, also declared to contest in the election.

However, as the election is yet to be concluded, over 100 entities which includes tech, blockchain, and exchange companies are participating in the election. However, 34rth, a TRON volunteer community from Europe coupled with Aries, are leading the vote.