Win 1.000.000 TRX. Binance Announces New TRX Competition 12

Win 1.000.000 TRX. Binance Announces New TRX Competition

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume announced yesterday a TRX Trading Competition. The prize will consist of a bounty of 1 Million Tronix (TRX).

Binance 1 Billion ProfitAccording to an official press release, all users will be able to compete as long as they have completed level 2 identity verification and have achieved a trading volume of at least 300k TRX by the end of the competition.

The time period during which trades will be evaluated will be from 2018/09/06 0:00 AM to 2018/09/13 0:00 AM (UTC). It is important to note that being a coordinated event between Tron and Binance, the use of BNB (Binance’s native token) will offer a 25% discount on trading fees for all contest participants.

The contest idea is to stimulate the trading of this already popular cryptocurrency. At closing, Binance will distribute the prize of 1,000,000 TRX among all traders whose rank number ends in the number 6 (i.e., 6, 16, 26, 1456, etc.). The distribution will be evenly distributed among all traders regardless of hierarchy.

Win 1.000.000 TRX. Binance Announces New TRX Competition 13

It is important to note that dishonest practices will result in an immediate disqualification. Binance was specific in pointing out that “wash trading” is not considered legal and the operations carried out within this scheme will not count as part of the users’ trading volume.

The TRX distribution will be done automatically within 2 weeks after the end of the competition. If a particular user wants to know if they won the prize, it will be enough to consult their Account Center under the Distribution History option.

Justin Sun TRON Super Representative
Justin Sun

Tron is perhaps one of the cryptocurrencies with the most events planned to involve the community. The famous airdrops performed when Tron’s independence day was being promoted, turned Justin Sun into one of the most known personalities within the crypto-verse.

Also, on August 27 Mr. Sun announced a bounty hunt in which he was giving away 6666TRX to anyone who could get the private key of a puzzle.

Three days after this announcement, the contest “Game of Tron,” held between Tron and Coindeal had a great promotion on social networks for its prize of 100000 TRX. There were also 50k TRX for second place and 30k for third place.

Currently, Tron (TRX) is ranked 13th among the most important cryptocurrencies, with a total market cap of 1.39 Billion Dollars according to figures.

Win 1.000.000 TRX. Binance Announces New TRX Competition 14
Graphs: Coinmarketcap

If you want to participate, just go to Binance, trade and enjoy. Good luck to all and happy trading!