Binance gets warning letter demanding registration with Japanese authorities 10

Binance gets warning letter demanding registration with Japanese authorities

Binance has received a notice from Japan’s Financial Services Agency Supervision Bureau, warning the Hong Kong-based exchange that it must register with the authorities, in accordance with the relevant trading regulations.

The letter does not threaten police enforcement action at this stage, contrary to the report published yesterday by Nikkei.

Failure to register could result in closure although that sanction has not been invoked for any other unregistered exchange in the country, although Binance being a foreign company is possibly in a more vulnerable position.

Binance chief executive Changpeng Zhao complained on Twitter that it “does not make sense” to tell the media before the company concerned, and today says Binance lawyers have called the FSA to “find a solution”.

The full text of the warning letter is reproduced below (Google Translates):

About persons who do not register and perform virtual currency exchange business (Binance)

Regarding persons who do not register and carry out the virtual currency exchange business, we made a warning today under the administrative guideline third volume: financial company relationship 16. Virtual currency exchange trader III – 1 – 4 (2) 2, We announce it as follows.
· Industry name etc: Binance
Representative Changpeng Zhao (Chao Chan)
· Location: Hong Kong
· Contents, etc.: Through the Internet, resident of Japan as opponent, temporary
Things that were doing currency exchange business
※ The above is stated based on information on the Internet, “supplier name, etc.” “location or address” may not be the current one.

Contact · Inquiries
FSA Supervision Bureau General Affairs Division Virtual Currency Monitoring Team TEL 03-3506-6000 (Representative)

Binance is my ne of the largest crypto exchanges and although based in Hong Kong, moved some operations to Japan following China’s exchange and ICO ban. According to Zhao in an interview with a Bloomberg, Binance has a network of servers and company registrations in a number of other countries.