Binance Introduces Cardano (ADA) Trading Pairs, Boosts The Cryptocurrency 10

Binance Introduces Cardano (ADA) Trading Pairs, Boosts The Cryptocurrency

Binance, world respected cryptocurrency exchange platform has announced yesterday it would be adding ADA/BNB and ADA/USDT Trading Pairs. While BNB is Binance Coin, USDT is Tether token regarded as a stable coin. The new listings, according to commentaries from users is going to give them more room to trade with the altcoin.

Binance Tweet: #Binance Adds ADA/BNB and ADA/USDT Trading Pairs …

Shortly after it was announced, the value of Cardano soared, it is at present at the 7th position in the crypto market, with a trading value of $0.250, and has a market carpitalization of $6.4 billion, according to Coinmarketcap. ADA has been doing very fine in the market since yesterday to the exchange’s statement on the cryptocurrency.

Meanwhile, Cardano, which is already on Binance is been traded with BTC or ETH. It is possible that ADA climbs the 6th position if things continue like this for some days.

I have reported that, Huobi, the world’s second largest and Chinese largest exchange, have added Cardano. This is also a major boost for the cryptocoin.

Binance Adds CloakCoin

CloakCoin has been regarded by many analyst as a sleeping giant. It has been in existence for 3 years, but it has less media attention. At present, it has a market cap of $78,328,174 USD, with a trading price of $15.29 USD.

Although it is similar to Bitcoin, CloakCoin offers an anonymous transaction system branded as Enigma. It is said to be purely unique since it has no Proof of Stake reward and Master Nodes.

“Enigma is CloakCoin’s private, secure and untraceable payment system, that forms the basis of future development and provides the underlying transaction system for the decentralized applications running on the CloakCoin network,” the team behind the project stated in the altcoin’s whitepaper.

“Enigma is at heart a decentralized, off-blockchain mixing service which allows users on the CloakCoin network to transmit Cloak privately and securely to each other. It has been designed to ensure the mixing process is both secure and untraceable to third party observers. This ensures a user’s Cloak coins are kept safe during transfer and that the sender and receiver cannot be tied or associated.”