Bitcoin Core (BTCC): an Altcoin That Proves a Point

The first steps of Bitcoin Cash as an altcoin were marked by a deep philosophical rivalry that divided the community into two factions: The followers of the original blockchain and the followers of a fork that was aiming to overtake its predecessor.


A graphic representation of Bitcoin Fork Attempts: Courtesy BTCC Twitter
A graphic representation of some Bitcoin Fork Attempts: Courtesy BTCC Twitter

When a fork like BCH is born, it is normal to see a difference in criteria and a discussion about their values, however, in the case of BTC vs. BCH the situation escalated as a result of unethical tactics employed by its biggest promoters.


Among this group, the most notable is Roger Ver. An entrepreneur known for being one of the first investors and promoters of Bitcoin. After the Fork’s birth, he sold a good part of his BTCs to substitute them for BCH.

However, the reason behind the Bitcoin community’s criticism is that as a result of his previous activities, Mr. Ver began to use Bitcoin’s media to promote the altcoin of his choice.

The discussion seems to have steered to be more childish than technological. The group of Bitcoin Cash followers began calling Bitcoin as Bitcoin Core (the name of the Bitcoin client software). On the other hand, the group of Bitcoin followers started calling Bitcoin Cash as BCash, something that seems to drive Mr. Ver crazy:

And while Mr. Ver thinks it is offensive and rude to change the name of Bitcoin Cash to BCash, he considers it perfectly reasonable to change the name of Bitcoin to Bitcoin Core and even list BCH as Bitcoin.

The situation —which came close to going to legal extremes— even led Mr. Ver to say that ‘babies are literally dying’ because of Bitcoin and that the adoption of BCH was a life or death situation:

Two Can Play This Game; Bitcoin Core has REALLY born

A few days ago a tweet caught the attention of the crypto community. Bitcoin Core was born:

The birth of such a polemic altcoin has causeda lot of reactions ranging from confusion to a kind of mischievous fun.

However, beyond exposing the double standards of Mr. Ver’s advertising strategies, the new crypto seems to pursue a more serious motive: to prevent BCH followers from referring to the original Bitcoin by another name.

For that, they are using the strategy of promoting Ver as part of their team, and take their words as if they were legitimately referring to this crypto and not seeking to deceive the public.

The Bitcoin Core (BTCC) team has also taken its work seriously (trolling and developing). They have already released their official wallets, published their code in Github and have managed to be listed in several exchanges.

Right now, Bitcoin Core (BTCC) is traded at around 10 USD. Its total marketcap is around 50k but, as expected, it keeps growing everyday