Bitfury Launches New Generation of Bitcoin (BTC) Mining ASICs 12
courtesy: Bitfury

Bitfury Launches New Generation of Bitcoin (BTC) Mining ASICs

Bitfury, one of the largest companies in the crypto mining business has announced that the evolution of its Bitcoin (BTC) mining ASIC “Bitfury Clarke” is now available.

According to an official press release, the new Bitfury Clarke aims to optimize Bitcoin (BTC) mining, thanks to a careful assembly process that makes it an excellent choice when comparing the price/quality ratio:

“The 14nm Bitfury Clarke ASIC is fully customized for SHA256 bitcoin mining. It can execute a hashrate up to 120 gigahashes per second (GH/s) and a power efficiency rate as low as 55 millijoules per gigahash (mJ/GH). The supply voltage required by Bitfury Clarke can be as low as 0.3 volts.”

Bitfury: Customers And Hardware are Equally Important

The company also comments that it will offer consulting services and “enterprise-grade professional customer support” to any client who decides to integrate the new ASICs into their crypto mining business.

Bitfury Launches New Generation of Bitcoin (BTC) Mining ASICs 13In addition to providing excellent hardware performance, the orientation towards an excellent customer service could be a business move aimed at distancing Bitfury from the competition, given the bad reputation that other manufacturers have regarding this particular issue.

Valery Vavilov, CEO of Bitfury is quite happy with the new ASIC. According to his opinion, its design process was careful enough to result in a potent yet balanced hardware without any obvious flaws:

“Bitfury is looking at all factors, including silicon packaging, chip efficiency, optimal power distribution, cooling designs and speed of development when designing our mining hardware … We think that this will lead to solutions that deliver the best ROI to our customers – regardless of ASIC size.”

Bitfury Launches New Generation of Bitcoin (BTC) Mining ASICs 14
Valery Vavilov


Bitfury currently concentrates 2% of Bitcoin’s total hash power (BTC). However, its presence in the market has been growing, building trust among its consumers and creating a very positive community around the brand.

Bitfury Launches New Generation of Bitcoin (BTC) Mining ASICs 15


Some key features of Bitfury Clarke according to Bitfury’s website are:

  • Power efficiency of up to ~55 mW/GH
  • Hashrate (calculation speed) of up to 120 GH/s
  • Variable efficiency
  • Fully integrated controllable clock generation
  • Integrated power-on-reset circuit
  • Operational starting from 0.3 V voltage
  • Compact Pb-free 6×6 mm FCLGA 35L or FCLGA 4L packages
  • 6U server rack
  • 6.4 kW power consumption per server
  • Maximum performance – up to 71 TH/s
  • Low power consumption – as low as 88 mJ/GH
  • Upgradeable Hardware