BitGuild Moves the Bitizens Gaming DApp From Ethereum (ETH) to Tron (TRX) 10

BitGuild Moves the Bitizens Gaming DApp From Ethereum (ETH) to Tron (TRX)

In a tweet on the 25th of November, Justin Sun had urged Ethereum (ETH) developers to migrate their tokens and projects to the Tron (TRX) platform. His tweet went on to explain why they should do so.

In bear market, #Ethereum developers should migrate your token to #TRON immediately.

  1. 0 transaction fee, no gas in #TRX.
  2. Compatible to #ETH, 0 migration cost.
  3. 2000 TPS.
  4. #TRON dex listing.

You can easily increase your token value 100% with High liquidity.

BitGuild Migrates the Bitizens Gaming DApp from Ethereum to Tron

One such project known as BitGuild, has decided to migrate its Bitizens Dapp and the world of Bitropolis from the Ethereum network to that of Tron. The team also announced that they will be taking the portal and the Bitizens game offline to facilitate the move.

The team went to request patience as they iron out the process.

We hope you understand that this endeavor will ultimately lead to a better, stronger and more vibrant future for BitGuild and its community.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and we’re looking forward to resuming full operations as soon as possible.

Possible Reasons Why BitGuild Moved Bitizens to the Tron Network

The announcement by BitGuild did not dwell much into why they chose to move the Bitizens DApp from the Ethereum network to that of Tron. However, the Tron network has been exhibiting exponential growth since the Mainnet was launched mid this year. Once the Tron Virtual Machine was activated in October, the sky was the limit for Tron in terms of attracting developers to create DApps on its platform.

One unique feature of the Tron Virtual Machine is that it is compatible with both the Solidity programming language and the Ethereum Virtual Machine. This means that migration between the two platforms should not be too much of a hustle for an experienced developer. This is evident in the number of smart contracts that are active on the Tron network: 1,119.

There is also the additional fact that the Tron network can process up to 2,000 transactions per second. This is 80 times faster than the Ethereum network. Doing the math, the Tron network can handle 172,800,000 transactions in a day at maximum capacity.

Checking, we find that in the last 24 hours, the Tron network has processed 1.94 Million transactions compared to 600,000 on the Ethereum network during the same time period.

With the Tron foundation planning on integrating the zk-SNARKS privacy protocol onto the network, it is not surprising that DApps will choose its platform over Ethereum’s.

The Tron Foundation has also launched a DApp accelerator plan to make sure that the network has the best DApp developers moving forward.

What are your thoughts on BitGuild moving its Bitizens game from the Ethereum network to that of Tron? Is it a sign of things to come as projects look for networks with higher processing capabilities? Please let us know in the comment section below. 

[Image courtesy of @BitGuildPLAT]

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