BitTorrent (BTT) Leads the Rest in Gains as More Exchanges List the Token 12

BitTorrent (BTT) Leads the Rest in Gains as More Exchanges List the Token

Any crypto trader looking at the chart for BitTorrent (BTT) is forgiven for being nostalgic of the bull market of late 2017 to early 2018. This is due to the fact that the token is massively leading the pack of other cryptocurrencies in terms of market performance.

Earlier today, the digital asset set a new peak value of $0.000748. This value is equivalent to 22 Satoshi or 0.00000022 BTC. BTT is currently up 54% in the last 24 hours and might be set to continue on its upward trajectory with time. The following chart from gives a better visualization of the situation.

BitTorrent (BTT) Leads the Rest in Gains as More Exchanges List the Token 13

Comparison with Token Sale Value

The BitTorrent token sale on the Binance Launchpad sold out faster than anyone expected. Within 18 minutes, it was all over with some investors not having a chance to participate. This then led the Tron foundation, BitTorrent and Binance to organize a BTT airdrop for all whose orders were not completed during the sale. Each qualified participant got 5,000 BTT.

Further looking at the initial sale value of BTT, we find that each token was sold for $0.00012. Doing the math and using the recent peak value of $0.000748, we find that the value of the token has appreciated by 523% from the token sale value. This is an exciting percentage of gain for any who had a chance to participate in the token sale. What also is amazing, is that the gains have been experienced less than a week after the token was listed on Binance.

More Exchanges Continue to List BTT

At the time of writing this, more and more crypto exchanges have announced supporting BTT trading on their platform. The official list from BitTorrent Inc. can be found below. It also includes the trading pairs currently available for BTT.

Binance: Trading pairs available now BTT/BNB, BTT/BTC and BTT/USDT

OKEx: Trading pairs that will available BTT/USDT, BTT/BTC and BTT/ETH

Upbit: Trading pairs available now BTT/KRW

KuCoin: Trading pairs available now BTT/BTC and BTT/ETH

Cointiger: Trading pairs that will available BTT/USDT

Bitbns: Trading pairs available now BTT/INR

TRX Market: Trading pairs available now BTT/TRX

Warning About Fraudulent Sites

The team at BitTorrent has also given the following information about fraudulent websites preying on unknowing investors.

Since its official announcement on January 3rd, 2019, a significant number of fraudulent websites, ICOs, and airdrops offering fake BitTorrent (BTT) have appeared on the Internet.

We are actively working to take down fraudulent platforms. Please be wary of any platform that claims to be an official BTT channel — always double check the account name and URL. We advise our users to only participate in official BTT initiatives as unauthorized platforms may result in potential economic loss.

Please report any suspicious activity at: [email protected]

What are your thoughts of the BTT token exceeding expectations and continuing to gain amidst a slow start for the crypto markets in February? Is it a sign that Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision is finally becoming a reality? Please let us know in the comment section below. 

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