Remember Monday's panic? Things are looking much better for cryptocurrency

Block-a-thon Midwest Scheduled for April 2018

Blockchain technology will see one of its biggest introductions to the Midwest early next year. Lincoln, Nebraska has been named the host for Block-a-thon Midwest. The event will be held from April 13-15 in one of the largest events for the market in the area.

Jeff Main, formerly the head of application development for Union Pacific, set the foundation for the event, “We’re all about planting seeds and joining forces with people that have a common vision, common ideas, and a common passion around blockchain and cryptocurrency.” The upcoming Block-a-thon should certainly serve as a central point for the new technology’s implementation and marketing in the greater plains and Midwest.

Many see the rapid development of blockchain as a landmark event for both technology and business alike. BlockEra founder Kyle Tut has even gone to lengths of comparing it to the internet. While that is about the furthest extreme of technological innovation for the past few decades, it establishes the foundation for how many see the evolving utilization. BlockEra is emerging as one of the leading names for this event given its ties to the area. Tut has spoken out about moving towards opportunity in supply chain logistics and agriculture, both markets well-versed in the plains and Midwest areas of the country.

The recent upsurge in token valuations can be tied to both the practical use of the digital currency and the development of the associated blockchain technologies. This event will be more tied to the professional use of everything blockchain as opposed to cryptocurrency itself. That said, it will not be solely focused on blockchain.

Block-a-thon will last three days over the weekend of April 13-15. The event will cover basic educational presentations about the topics and extend to further projections about practical use and the future evolution for everything involved. Seen as the largest event of its kind, Block-a-thon should attract more than just professionals influenced by the emerging technology.

Alpha BTC CEO Edward Weniger stands as one of the more notable names involved with the event. He speaks to the target market as being developers and marketers, primarily, but also the audience simply interested in the tech sector as a whole. The weekend will become more technical as it ages, opening up the early days more effectively to the newer public.

Immediate effect from the convention will likely be nothing more than conjecture. With a focus on education more than application, Block-a-thon is centered around setting up a future. Owners of the involved technologies (specifics likely to be clarified closer to April), may see a minor spike in value in the months leading up with a highlighted jump around mid-April. However, the greatest increase will only come with the actual implementation of the blockchains in the subsequent months.

Doubtful speculation as to the practical use of these newer techs is more focused on cryptocurrency than blockchains. More businesses are investing in the technologies as time passes,  opening a world of opportunity for the various new developments.