Blockchain Startup Apollon Begins Token Crowdsale July 16th for a Pan-Entertainment Ecosystem

The Apollon Blockchain project is a visionary means to develop a commercial-level integrated infrastructure to support related businesses applications. Presently, the costs of implementing a blockchain into a business model are time and resource intensive with the requirements of [G1] knowledgeable staff to maintain and operate the system as well as expensive hardware upgrades; it’s an industry-wide issue that is pushing many enterprises, small and large, away from this incredible technology.

Bridging Entertainment Businesses with Blockchain

The platform services will cover the entire entertainment industry, which includes but is not limited to tourism, gaming, fashion, hospitality. Apollon provides these services regardless of the scale of operation, nature of the business and geographic locations. Additionally, the Apollon eco-platform bridges the borders between these entertainment and leisure mediums offering direct trading which removes the costly and unnecessary middleman who scrapes profit percentages at every possible opportunity.

With this gone, users can benefit from true business-to-business (B2B) or peer-to-peer (P2P) trades without the “value-added” service from middlemen, resulting in lower transactional costs. At the core of the Apollon business model, there are key features that are the focus of the Apollon project; firstly, a community marketplace concept offering a wide and diverse offering of pan-entertainment, secondly, robust blockchain technology with side-chain and high security.


APO Tokenomics

Blockchain technology beats traditional e-commerce platform offerings, utilizing electronic wallets, smart contracts as well as clearing and transactional convenience. It’s a secure and capable payment tool and payment gateway, and finally, a 2-tier currency structure to alleviate a platform operators pain points. [G6]

The platform will utilize two cryptocurrencies, firstly the Apollon Token (APO) it’s primary cryptocurrency with an intrinsic market value that can vary over time and a second operational currency Called LCASH which is pegged to the value of $1 USD. This is an intermediate token that acts as the transactional currency between consumer payment and settlement with a reassuringly stable value.

The Apollon exchange allows merchants to rapidly convert tokens into their desired currency; through the redemption platform gateway, merchants can freely convert any digital currency, online platform token and legal currencies within the ecosystem.

Apollon Event

Appollon recently held an hour’s presentation at a JP event, on July 10th. More than 3000 attendees were present during the Apollon presentation which was followed by a speech from CEO, Alan Lau.

apollon event

The event was highly successful, with plenty of interest proposed by attendees. The expertly qualified brains backing the Apollon platform possess critical years of experience technology finance whilst have significant presence in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Notably, CEO Alan Lau is renowned for his work with Hewlett-Packard (HP), playing a vital role in making HP a famous brand in China with his work on the UNIX online trading system and making it a part of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.More recently, he has taken to several other fields as an investor, developer and executive in the Internet of Things industry as well as being an advocate for other disruptive technologies touted to be integral to the coming of the fourth industrial revolution.

APO Token Sale and Fund Allocation

There is a total of 2,500,000,000 APO tokens that will be issued and Apollon has just concluded its token presale which ended July 13th that had 210,000,000 available. The main crowdsale begins July 16th with 248,000,000 APO tokens available for purchase. Apollon will be utilizing funds accrued to upgrade, develop and deploy the Apollon blockchain infrastructure, ecological construction and marketing as well as further develop its payment/settlement system.

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