Buy The Dip - The One Exchange Token I'd Buy Right Now

Buy The Dip – The One Exchange Token I’d Buy Right Now

When the crypto market is on a bull run, all attention is paid to the big gains among the most popular coins. Think Bitcoin’s 13,000 percent gain in 2017, or Ethereum’s 10,000 percent price spike.

Fewer people notice the stellar growth of exchange house tokens like Binance Coin, which increased more than 22,000 percent from its ICO price to its all-time high.

Even now, in the midst of the current crypto bloodbath that has wiped more than 80% off the market cap, BNB is up almost 6000 percent from its ICO last year.

Not bad for a token that basically just provides a discount on trading fees on Binance exchange. The discount began at 50 percent, but that’s recently reduced to 25 percent, without much effect on the token’s popularity.

KuCoin Shares spiked in price by more than 2000 percent at one point – and depending on when you bought and sold, you could have made a huge return out of Huobi Token too.

Exchanges make money from turnover, in good times and bad.

One new token to keep an eye on is the Australian based Nauticus Coin (NTS) which hits the market this month. Modeled on BNB, it offers 50 percent discount on transaction fees and will underpin a range of eCommerce and payments solutions.

It sold for around 10 cents during its ICO in the middle of 2018 but with project delays, and the crypto market bottoming out, bargain hunters may have the opportunity to pick it up at an attractive price when NTS trading goes live on January 12.

Price speculation is one thing, but more importantly, NTS also has a proven use case and will provide holders virtually fee-free trading during the first month (99% off). There’s an ongoing fee discount of 50 percent – twice as much as BNB.

Buying NTS now will also make you eligible for the exchange’s weekly 100,000 NTS airdrop. And the company plans on putting NTS front and center for a range of other services, from a security token platform to a ‘one and done’ KYC identify platform.  Sounds like a steal to me. You can check it out at the following link:

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