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Cardano [ADA] Founder Hits Africa, To Train Blockchain Developer

While Ethiopia seems to be getting attached to various news surrounding blockchain, the road to Africa’s success through blockchain technology looks to be paved as the co-founder of Cardano blockchain technology headed for Ethiopia, signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) during the visit.

Charles Hoskinson‏, team lead developer at Cardano foundation, also a co-founder of IOHK, on Twitter today announced the signing of a memorandum between Cardano and the Ethiopian Ministry of Science and Technology in a bid to promote the presence of blockchain technology in the country.

The signed MoU, according to the release will feature the training of blockchain developers in the country so that they could perfect their skills.

“Just signed an MoU with the Ethiopian Ministry of Science and Technology to explore training blockchain developers and use Cardano in the Agritech Industry,” Hoskinson aired.

Apart from the training, the potency of Cardano will also be explored in the Agritech Industry of the country. The usage of blockchain technology in Agric-based sector is not a new thing to the world as Chinese billion, Jack Ma, owner of e-commerce trade web Alibaba proposed that he will be using blockchain to monitor the supply of food in his country and Singapore.

Blockchain in Ethiopia and Africa.

As much as Africa is a potential place for blockchain, creating solutions to tackle some of the problems faced in the continent, for example, countries like Nigeria, seems to be creating setback for the sector as they erect policies that curtail the activities of blockchain.

While some are hostile, other countries like Ghana and Ethiopia see the technology as the right innovation to embrace.

Bitland has been providing solution to the prominent land fraud situation in Ghana, using Bitshares blockchain to provide land registry service.

Ethiopia, in the same line, has also been roaming around blockchain technology lately. Last year, a UN conference centred on blockchain technology was held in the capital city of the country. Sometimes last year, it was aired that Ethiopia is creating a blockchain technology.

Cardano’s Recent Performance.

Ranked 6th in the present market, the team behind the altcoin has been up for developments lately, amongst which Daedalus wallet software upgrade lies. Just this month Cardano was listed on Huobi, a Beijing-based exchange.

While most cryptocurrencies are not looking into African as a viable place, Cardano’s African move may be a big development for the altcoin, if all things go right due to the population of the continent.