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Cardano (ADA) Sponsored Distributed Futures Research Releases Uses Case

Cardano (ADA) is of the blockchain project driven by research. The fact that the blockchain platform evolved from research and boasts of advanced features than any protocol yet developed, these attest to the scientific philosophical evolution that it claims.

To better make Cardano appear outstanding, Cardano Foundation, the overseer of Cardano invests enormously in research, believing that it will give the blockchain platform the opportunities to stand on the shoulder of giants –scientific researchers and philosophers.

In an announcement today, Cardano foundation declared that the Long Finance’s Distributed Futures research programme, which is sponsored by Cardano Foundation is launching its latest report entitled “Smart Ledgers & Collective Defined Contribution Pensions”.

According to the announcement, the report, which is a work of quality researchers, expatiates how Smart Ledgers could be used in pensions. The research is led by Dr. Con Keating, who is Head of Research at Brighton Rock Group, Associate Professor Iain Clacher of the University of Leeds, and Research Fellow David McKee of the University of Leeds.

Today, followers of trends in technology see Smart Ledgers as the ‘next big thing’ in technology. This technology evolved from a combination of mutual distributed ledgers known as blockchain: multi-organisational databases. It is used for cryptocurrency since 2009.

Smart Ledger comes with embedded programming and sensing, giving it the advantage to combine semi-intelligent with autonomous transactions.

Although, the report would be made public on Wednesday, 25 July, the research stands as the latest use case on Smart Ledger revealed by the joint research.

The statement states that the report aims at providing “an overview of how and where Smart Ledgers could be used in pensions, and in particular how pension schemes could be administered using such technologies.”

“Smart Ledgers are likely to be useful in all forms of pension structure e.g., defined benefit, defined contribution, hybrid schemes, and collective defined contribution.”

The report shows the way in which Smart Ledgers could serve as a platform for pension arrangement.

Cardano has been investing in technology to better its platform. The idea has researchers as its bedrock.