Coinbase 'Pro' Platform Is Met With Mixed Reviews. 10

Coinbase ‘Pro’ Platform Is Met With Mixed Reviews.

The Move From GDAX To Coinbase Pro

Coinbase – Say goodbye to GDAX and hello to Coinbase Pro, as Coinbase has finalized the transition of the old platform to the revamped ‘Pro’ exchange on Friday.

GDAX, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, will now be inaccessible, redirecting visitors of the old website to the new platform. All GDAX balances and trade logs will be accessible on the new site, helping the seamless migration of vital information onto Coinbase Pro.

According to a post released by David Farmer, the general manager of Coinbase Pro, Coinbase Pro was built on top of the exact same trading engine which GDAX used.

Farmer elaborated, writing:

Coinbase Pro is a new interface built on top of the existing GDAX trading engine that has been designed with the needs of the active trader in mind.

GDAX was well-known for its ease of use and its quick response times, helping it become one of the most dedicated platforms for fiat to cryptocurrency trading. Many hope that Coinbase Pro will closely emulate what the old platform had to offer.

“GDAX Is Clearly Quicker.”

Although seen as a positive move by some, many users were outraged with the changes that were made on the platform. The change saw the removal of features and key statistics, along with a redesign that irked many consumers. 

A Twitter user took to Coinbase Pro’s transition Tweet to give his opinion on the new platform, pointing out the UI issues, especially with the mobile versions.

Thiago Predebon, another Twitter user, doubled down on this opinion, writing:

When mobile app or mobile website? Your current website experience sucks on mobile.

It seems that users aren’t only having problems with mobile UI, but also with a desktop version. ConfusedCoin issued a Tweet pointing out the key UI issues, including bright colors and difficulties choosing specific trading pairs.

As aforementioned, many expected for Coinbase Pro to perform in a similar manner in comparison with its predecessor.

However, according to BTCKyle, Coinbase Pro is actually a substantial performance downgrade in comparison to GDAX, with the Twitter user noting:

You would think that the upgrade would be better? GDAX is clearly quicker. PRO market books FREEZE all the TIME. How can one trade like that?

Brian Chavez also pointed out the lag in the depth chart, posting a short video of a slow and hard-to-use feature on the website.

There is a chance that Coinbase was not prepared for the transition, which migrated GDAX’s hundreds of thousands of users onto the new platform.

To address the complaints, Coinbase Pro went on Twitter to issue an announcement about feedback, stating, “If you’re a current Pro user – we’d love your feedback on how we can make the platform the best venue for trading digital assets,” issuing a link for customer feedback.”

It is still unclear why Coinbase decided to make the transition. However, some have speculated that the exchange wanted to bring GDAX closer to the Coinbase name, renaming it to better fit its parent company.

But many still hope for the success of the now Coinbase Pro, as it has become an essential part of the fiat on-ramp, which is so important to the cryptocurrency industry.


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