Craig Wright Threatens to Sue Those Saying He is not Satoshi... His Actions Spark a Movement to Delist BSV from Exchanges 10

Craig Wright Threatens to Sue Those Saying He is not Satoshi… His Actions Spark a Movement to Delist BSV from Exchanges

Craig Wright — known in the crypto-verse for his claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto— has taken his game to more extreme instances, threatening to push to court those who accuse him of being a fraud even though he has never been able to prove his claims.

On several occasions, the community has found Craig Wright lying, altering documents and posts to generate some credibility, yet Mr. Wright has never abandoned his practices.

Recently, Calvin Ayre (one of the top “Craigliebers”) tweeted that CSW had issued defamation complaints to an undisclosed number of people. In the same tweet, Ayre commented that Craig Wright was going to prove in court that he is Satoshi Nakamoto.

In an article posted on Coingeek, it became evident that the possible “wave” of lawsuits started with one complain against @hodlnaut, an anonymous Twitter account that created the #CraigWrightIsAFraud campaign.

In that same post, the Coingeek team promoted a manhunt against the owner of the account, offering $5,000 in BSV to those who find them.

“The @Hodlonaut account claims to be based in Norway and the majority of its tweets were sent from the Oslo area, including a photo posted from a local bar named Kasbah. The account has also posted several photos in which the individual’s face is obscured but identifying tattoos on both arms are clearly visible (pictured above).

If anyone recognizes these tattoos, Wright is offering US$5,000 in Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) for information regarding @Hodlonaut’s true identity. (For the record, that’s a far better deal than Wright got when two technology magazines involuntarily outed him as Satoshi in 2015.)”

The username @Hodlnaut was later deleted

Ayre subsequently confirmed that similar letters were sent to Vitalik Buterin and Peter McCormack. Ayre then confirmed that similar letters were sent to Vitalik Buterin and Peter McCormack. Ayre also took the opportunity to send a message to Coin Rivet for publishing news accusing him of taking pictures with minors in suggestive poses.

Every Action has a Reaction

The actions of Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre sparked the anger of the entire community, to the point that many considered CSW’s acts to be intolerable. This generated a solidarity campaign towards Hodlnaut and the other defendants, but also a campaign to delist BSV from as many exchanges as possible.

One of the loudest voices was CZ, CEO of Binance, who after remaining neutral, called for a cessation of senseless aggressions, commenting that if CSW continues along that path, he would delist BSV from his exchange.

Another who joined the campaign was Anthony Pompliano who called on all exchanges to delist BSV on May 1.

Likewise, John McAfee even announced that he had taken legal action against Calvin Ayre for accusing him of committing manslaughter without providing any proof. Calvin’s Defamation Could Cost Him $800 Million

Similarly, an unidentified group created a website to support the “Stop Craig Wright” campaign. In the site people can see an immense amount of information compiled with evidence demonstrating the falsity of CSW’s arguments and the dirty tactics that he used on previous occasions to try to prove that he is Satoshi.

The page shows links and screenshots in which Craig Wright claimed to be a lawyer although Satoshi mentioned that he was not, demonstrating how CSW used internet sources forge David Kleiman’s signature, showing how CSW shared poorly programmed code, edited old posts to look related to BTC, faked PGP keys, plagiarized several documents, took ownership of certain wallets that belong to MtGox users, and even did not understand Bitcoin’s code, among many other proofs.

So far, it is not known whether CSW will continue along this path. Legally, it would be up to him to prove beyond any doubt that he is Satoshi Nakamoto in order to have the legal capacity to consider himself a victim of defamation.

This would imply that CSW should do something he has never been able to do, or else he could be subject to legal action by those he is trying to accuse today, not to mention the fact that he would make a fool of himself in front of the community and would very likely have terrible repercussions on the valuation of BSV, whose community seems to be the only one who actually believes that he is Satoshi Nakamoto.