"Crypto Exchange Ranks" Goes Live This Monday 12

“Crypto Exchange Ranks” Goes Live This Monday

Hacken has taken very seriously the topic of security in the world of blockchain technologies. The company which aims to build a White Hat Hackers community is ready to launch “Crypto Exchange Ranks” (one of its most expected services) as a new service for clientes worldwide.

The group behind Hacken has gained a reputation within the cybersecurity industry for the approach they decided to take. Instead of offering their services privately, they did so through an ICO that promotes a kind of “social network” of hackers.

This social network would handle a number of tokens to be given to those who get bugs, fix security flaws, etc.

Crypto Exchange Ranks: A Great Tool For Traders

However, a more common user-oriented service is Crypto Exchange Ranks.

The tool is very useful for traders and non-savvy crypto users as it classifies exchanges according to certain criteria giving them a ranking from 1 to 10.

"Crypto Exchange Ranks" Goes Live This Monday 13

Crypto Youtuber “Boxmining” explains that the criteria used by Crypto Exchange Rank go beyond the purely technicals:

“What they are doing is they’re building up a ranking system and getting data from exchanges, both from in terms of the security peerspective, the socials perspective and even from the trading perspective”

This gives traders the opportunity to learn more about a broader range of issues than they would normally consider.

As an example, while some traders would be interested in knowing how safe an exchange is, some scalpers would prefer to focus on the trading volume.

"Crypto Exchange Ranks" Goes Live This Monday 14
Screenshot of the Crypto Exchange Ranks Website

Another important feature within the framework of services offered by Crypto Exchange Ranks is the ability to compare crypto prices on up to 5 different exchanges.

This option is a very useful for those who want to practice arbitrage by quickly earning some money by moving their crypts from one exchange to another.

They will also offer the option of balance monitoring on different accounts as a kind of all-in-one solution for users.

A Better Future for Crypto Trading

Dmitriy Budorin, CEO of Hacken is quite optimistic not only about the future of his platform but also about the potential of the Cryptocurrency Exchange Ranks in developing healthier crypto trading:

“Cryptocurrency exchanges are the backbone of the whole emerging crypto economy. CER will contribute to its healthier development. We hope that with CER, the exchanges will start taking their cybersecurity more seriously and refuse any bad practices, while users will receive comprehensive tools for smart decision making”.

"Crypto Exchange Ranks" Goes Live This Monday 15
Dmitriy Budorin

Version 1.0 of Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates will go live this Monday, will be available free of charge at the time of launch before moving to a subscription-based business model.