CZ Gets a Tattoo of the Binance Logo as a Symbol of His Lifelong Commitment to the Platform 10

CZ Gets a Tattoo of the Binance Logo as a Symbol of His Lifelong Commitment to the Platform

Tattoos are a lifelong commitment and those willing to get one are usually advised to think deep and about the design they want to get. Every person has a reason for getting their first tattoo. Some want to mark a memorable event in their lives. Others do it for the art for they consider the skin as a special type of canvas. The reasons for getting tattoos and their designs are as unique as the individuals who have them permanently on their bodies.

Changpeng Zhao Hints of a Tattoo of the Binance Logo

On the 1st of December, the CEO of Binance tweeted a link to an instagram video showing an arm being tattooed the Binance logo. Although his tweet suggested it was his arm, no one could confirm that it was CZ up until now. The tweet can be found below.

Confirmation of His New Tat

Confirmation of the tattoo on CZ’s arm came today via a medium post on the Binance page. The post was written by CZ himself explaining how it all begun with a simple dinner in Singapore with Coinmarketcap’s Luke Wagman and Gareth.

CZ goes on to give a preamble of the night as follows:

All was normal at a casual dinner with Luke and Gareth in Singapore, until the very end, when we noticed the Bitcoin logo tattooed on Luke’s arm. And he was ready to add tattoos of the CoinMarketCap and Binance logos to his arm, which would soon be a “crypto-arm.”

From there, all hell broke loose…

Origins of the Binance Logo

In the very elaborate post that can easily be classified as a short story by CZ, he explained the origins of the Binance logo.

Sixteen months ago, when we were designing the Binance logo, we tried many different variations. We wanted to represent the bids and asks on the exchange with two squares, while also echoing the “binary” word in our name (Binance = Binary Finance).

So, we had two squares on top of each other. It looked too much like a digital 8, and while the number is lucky in Chinese culture, it just didn’t feel right. Our designer, Tang, made a few different variations, and I noticed the two diagonal squares on top of each other, with a slight overlap.

Now this made sense; if there is an overlap between the bids and asks, it would result in a trade. I liked it. But the “logo” still didn’t feel like a “logo”. Another idea came up: we would put a bigger square, like a board where the first two squares sit on. The board would be the “playground” or place where things happened, which is what an exchange platform is, after all. The logo still looked weak. So the brilliant designers made the lines thicker (our current logo).

CZ’s Commitment to Binance and His Challenge to Crypto Projects

After getting the tattoo, Changpeng Zhao went on to reflect on how the team at Binance and himself have been committed to making the platform better by constantly improving it. He also explained that the Binance platform is here to stay and will become a lasting brand. The tattoo is a symbol of his commitment to the project.

CZ also went on to ask the founders of ICOs if they were dedicated to the point of getting a tattoo of their project’s logo. From CZ’s tattoo experience, a founder has to be committed enough to do a crazy thing such as tattooing a logo on his arm.

What are your thoughts on CZ getting a tattoo of the Binance logo on his arm? Please let us know in the comment section below. 

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