Dash Integrated by WisePass Sampling Network to Enhance Crypto Adoption

WisePass, a service that provides users with samples of goods or services at different venues in different parts of the globe, has integrated Dash, increasing its adoption

Despite the current bearish market, crypto adoption keeps expanding with various coins being integrated into people’s daily activities. The other day, Dash reported that it had made another step towards broadening its adoption area.

Dash spreads around the world

Dash Embassy Thailand has partnered with WisePass – a company that provides users with samples of goods and services at various venues within its network. Now, customers can pay a monthly fee in Dash and get access to more than 300 different venues in Bangkok, Ho Chi Ming, Hanoi and Manila (Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines).

At WisePass, they have decided to ensure some real crypto adoption in order to bridge the crypto industry and the real world economy. By integrating Dash, they are encouraging customers to spend their crypto as if it were a traditional means of payment and giving them this opportunity.

A “one-time PASS” costs users $35. For this payment, they can have a meal in a restaurant or a drink at Starbucks. This can buy them a movie ticket, a bottle of wine, a session in a fitness club, etc. WisePass plans to add more venues with more services in the near future.

Crypto provides value for merchants

An answer to the question that is becoming more and more popular in the crypto industry these days – how to get crypto widely spread among merchants – seems to be in providing value for merchants.

If merchants can see a great inflow of customers after adding crypto as a payment option, this will convince them that digital currencies are good for their business revenues and for the economy in general.

The collaboration of Dash with WisePass seems to enable the crypto coin to be integrated this way, to create consumer discounts and let them buy goods and pay for services on a daily basis.

Earlier, EthereumWorldNews wrote about another significant partnership Dash had struck in Thailand with AnyPay POS platform. AnyPay now provides its customers with an opportunity to spend Dash at a variety of merchants too.