Dash Text Integrates in Telegram, WhatsApp Bans Crypto, Waiting for ‘Facebook Coin’ to Arrive 10

Dash Text Integrates in Telegram, WhatsApp Bans Crypto, Waiting for ‘Facebook Coin’ to Arrive

The popular crypto payment service that uses Dash is now integrated in the Telegram app in Colombia and Venezuela, which greatly expands the Dash user-base

As reported by Dash News, Dash Text has been launched on the Telegram app after beta trials that had lasted a few months. The CTO of the service, Lorenzo, says that Telegram seems to be a perfect platform for this integration, since it allows people to use crypto on old or not very powerful smartphones without having to install any special software, like a crypto wallet.

Telegram is perfect for crypto

Telegram is so simple, says Lorenzo, that anyone can use Dash Text through it, even if they have no idea how crypto works. Thus Telegram makes it easy for introducing new users into Dash.

Later on, if they wish to do so, they proceed to more complex crypto payment apps.

How Dash Text works in Telegram

When newbies start using Dash Text in this messaging app for the first time, their Telegram account will be automatically connected to their Dash Text SMS wallet. If they do not have one, it will be set up for them automatically.

Dash Text has been growing in popularity, recently expanding to Colombia. Soon they also plan to launch in other Latin countries, such as Argentina, Chile, etc., and also Spain, the US to be mainly used for remittance payments.

WhatsApp rejects Dash integration

As Facebook-owned WhatsApp is very popular among people in the aforementioned regions, Dash Text also wanted to get an integration with this messaging app. However, WhatsApp has been rejecting the use of any crypto on its platform.

Many believe this is due to Facebook’s plans to launch its own stablecoin soon and the first platform that will be used on is expected to be WhatsApp – for remittance in the Indian market to begin with.

As per Lorenzo, this did not come as a surprise to the Dash Text team. However, they did not expect this to happen so soon.

“Honestly it didn’t surprise me as much, as soon as I heard Facebook was developing their own cryptocurrency I imagined at some point they would try to stifle competition in their own apps, I just didn’t think this would happen for a couple of years, so we still thought it was worth opening that channel of accessibility. Telegram is a much more crypto friendly platform and it’s also a non-profit so I don’t see them doing something similar at all.”