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Demystifying the $589 XRP Price Prediction by End of 2018

The cryptocurrency of XRP is more or less on fire in the crypto markets. By fire, we mean that it is doing impressively well having spiked in value on the 18th of September from levels of $0.274 to $0.332 in a time span of less than 5 hours. This is an increment in value of 21% in that brief time period. The digital asset is currently trading at $0.317 and all indicators are pointing towards a resurgence of the digital asset in the crypto markets.

Demystifying the $589 XRP Price Prediction by End of 2018 10
XRP spike on the 18th. Source,

$589 End of Year Price Prediction

While researching XRP for the past few days, Ethereum World News has come upon a recurring price prediction amongst the HODLers of the digital asset. The price prediction states that XRP will be valued at $589 by the End of the Year.

One twitter user had this to say as a result of the recent news that xRapid might be live in the next month or so.

With xRapid expected to go live by the end of this year, the XRP community seems to be confident in a price increase of XRP. Some are even making predictions as wild as $589 by the end of 2018.

Another twitter user would do the math for the XRP community and calculate the odds of such a massive price increment.

Something to consider for the $589 debate.

There are 107 days left in 2018.

To reach $589 by EOY needs a 2,104x increase in price, which is a gain of $5.50 everyday till 2019. XRP’s price would need to double every 10 days.

Possible? Yes

Probable? Unlikely

Where Did this Price Prediction Come From?

Further digging into the various social media platforms and websites, we find the following explanation as to how the $589 prediction came about. It was by a Redditor who went by the name of Bearableguy123 a few months back. His account has since been deleted on the platform.

One Steemit post from 5 months ago summarizes who he was:

For those of you who don’t know about bearableguy123, he’s someone who created a small sub-reddit on Ripple a few months ago. Slowly but surely he started posting bizare and cryptic riddles and pictures hinting at future developments in Ripple. As his subtle hints and cryptic insights were found to eventually come true, bearableguy123 made quite a name for himself.

Where is Bearableguy123 Now?

As earleir stated, his Reddit posts are no longer available. His twitter page also vanished into thin air.

One Reddit post from 3 months ago, summarizes the bizarre occurrence as follows:

So, his Twitter account seems to have been shut down, either forcibly or voluntarily and now his rippled sub Reddit seems to be gone too. Anyone have any idea what’s going on? There were rumours going around the last few weeks that Ripple were to make a huge announcement today aswell. Could this be connected?

Was He a Ripple Insider?

Much of the conversations still left on the internet postulate that Bearableguy123 was a Ripple Insider who knew the potential of XRP and the inter workings of the Ripple company. He would issue riddles pointing at technical developments by Ripple as well as partnerships, well ahead of any official announcements were made by the company.

One riddle has him posting a picture of Moneygram with an arrow on Wallmart back in January before there were any conversations about xRapid being tested by the remittance service provider. He also gave his $589 XRP price prediction on the 14th of February after promising to provide it to the community.

One Redditor would call him out as a Troll in a post that read the following:

The guy is a TROLL. I’ve called him out and got banned from his subreddit despite it having “No rules”. Don’t let fools cloud your judgement. XRP has a bright future but outrageous ambiguous claims damage the community.


In conclusion, and due to the fact that there is not much of a digital footprint left of Bearableguy123 on the internet, we can only state that s/he was the source of the $589 XRP price prediction back in February. With regards to whether he was a Ripple insider, we shall never know.

What do you think of this $589 XRP price prediction before the end of the year? Is it possible? What information do you have about Bearableguy123? Please let us know in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to give financial advice. Any opinion herein is purely the author’s and does not represent the opinion of Ethereum World News or any of its other writers. Please carry out your own research before investing in any of the numerous cryptocurrencies available. Thank you.