Enjin Looks To Bring Blockchain Gaming Mainstream: Ready Player One IRL?

Meet The New Ethereum Standard

Gaming through blockchain technologies has long been one of this nascent innovation’s most tantalizing use cases. And Enjin, a prominent blockchain ecosystem developer with roots in gaming, is looking to bring this use case to life with an exciting new announcement, which could, very well, bring scenes depicted in Ready Player One to life.

For much of Ethereum’s four-year lifespan, on-chain games have been a primary topic of focus for developers. But, many of these projects have been restricted, in that popular Ethereum token standards don’t allow for certain functions, curbing innovation across the board. But this changes, with Enjin’s recent launch of “ERC-1155” tokens, and a recent announcement based around this new standard. This newfangled advancement in blockchain may seem innocuous, but it could open the doors for a fully-fledged revolution in gaming on decentralized technologies and with crypto assets. Or better yet, the gaming space itself.

Starting now, users of EnjinX, the company’s Ethereum block explorer, will be able to discover, browse, and do deep dives on ERC-1155 assets. This simple yet important feature will improve Ethereum user’s and developer’s experience consuming and creating games. But what’s so good about ERC-1155, and what makes it better than traditional crypto tokens?

Well, ERC-1155 allows for the creation of fungible, semi-fungible, and non-fungible assets, meaning that with one standard, developers can create ubiquitous assets (like coins/gems) and rare collector’s items, thus increasing interoperability and creating more use cases. Also, this newfangled standard, created by Enjin’s CTO and developed by leading developers in the Ethereum sector, will also aid gas usage.

The Multiverse

ERC-1155, coupled with the recent aforementioned update to the EnjinX block explorer, will, in Enjin’s eyes, support creation of an interconnected ecosystem called the “Multiverse,” which they liken to a real-life version of Ready Player One. This Multiverse will consist of a series of multi-faceted, unique blockchain games and applications that are, in natural blockchain style, decentralized and not controlled by one single party. The company claims that it has approximately 35 applications signed onto the Multiverse at the moment. As Enjin’s team explains:

A multiverse is created when multiple games and platforms choose to integrate and support in-game items, thus connecting separate gaming universes through inter-game operability of blockchain assets… This provides players an experience in which they can move through multiple worlds while taking their inventory with them

Although may not be exciting to most, the ramifications of this simple feature, achieved through game-to-game and ecosystem-to-ecosystem asset transfers, may be massive. As explained to Ethereum World News in a recent exclusive interview with a blockchain gaming insider, the ability for items to be transferred from game-to-game may give millions of consumers a “new lease” on video gaming, potentially catalyzing the adoption of blockchain technologies.

A Blockchain Treasure Hunt

Eyes on the prize! Enjin, with the ERC-1155 standard in its back pocket, will be hosting an on-chain treasure hunt, not too dissimilar from the competition portrayed in Ready Player One, a sci-fi, dystopian blockbuster film. But this time, this treasure hunt won’t be held in the corruption-riddled, often unfair OASIS, but on the decentralized, immutable Ethereum blockchain.

True to Enjin’s product name, this competition has been named the “Multiverse Quest,” and if it hasn’t started already, it will be very soon. Instead of the prize being unimaginable riches and the keys to a gaming ecosystem, the winners of this Quest will get access to the first ERC-1155 token ever, the Monolith, which is backed by 1,155,777 Enjin Coin (ENJ), valued at a hefty sum of over $150,000. Nice!

On-chain, cross-game gaming is rapidly proving itself to not only be a hot topic in blockchain, but in technology too. And Enjin will likely be integral to this revolution moving forward, that’s for sure.

Image Courtesy of Enjin