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Ethereum Major Negotiation with Russian Authorities Owned Bank – Ether Adaptation

A long-term agreement has been met and signed between VEB – Russian state-owned-bank and Ethereum Foundation at the “Blockchain: The New Oil of Russia” event in Tatarstan.

When it comes to Ethereum developments and being ahead of anyone else, Russia is moved upward proportionally with the blockchain world. This agreement target to form a new Block Tech training program:

“The agreement provides for a long-term and effective partnership in the implementation of projects using the technology of the distributed registry and Ethereum platform, the formation of an expert community on the Ethereum platform and the joint development and implementation of educational programs for training specialists in the field of distributed registries and the Ethereum platform based on Vnesheconombank’s Competence Center.”

Trained Experts and Blockchain talents will come out of the program to help in corporations owned by the country and on government bodies too. It will open next month – Sep 2017 in Moscow.

This will have, especially on the quick-short term period a significant positive effect on Ethereum while the legitimacy, chain stability and community confidence will be hoisted up which will be proportionally reacted by the price of the Ether (ETH) token.

But on the other side, Ethereum block creation could be centralized because of the change from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake (in case this event takes place) which could conclude with substantial GOV-held nodes.

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