Ethereum Trialed

Ethereum being tested Out by Canadian Research Unit

The Ethereum blockchain is being researched and trialed by the NRC – National Research Council of Canada. The government initiative could find usage of the technology for recording gov contracts.

The Catena platform has been chosen by NRC to be used from the startup Bitaccess for putting out data on gov contributions and grants over the open-source block.

The effort is part of a move to make the government’s administration boost transparency, according to a press release. The NRC’s Industrial Research Assistance Program is the first entity to test the technology, and is already releasing contributions information. The group will also assess how the government can apply blockchain technology in other areas.

Moe Adham – Co-founder of Bitaccess, added on the event that the firm has designed the platform [Catena] as a choice for organization to get closes to the technology and get to know it.

“Our goal is to enable institutions to become fully transparent, and enable constituents to participate in the verification and validation of public information.”

However, this is not a surprise for the nation to foray into the technology as the central bank is in the middle of taking its experiments on blockchain platforms [especially those with settlement systems.

The “Project Jasper” [the Bank of Canada on-going project] is in the third level of its research proceeding with resiliency under periods of stress and securities settlements.