Europe’s Largest Crypto Exchange Lists DASH for P2P Trading

The major European crypto marketplace with over 770,000 clients adds Dash for p2p crypto-to-crypto trading

Recently, has integrated Dash for direct trading between customers, when they use their private wallets for sending and receiving assets without a centralized authority.

Bitcoin, Euro, and now Dash

The only crypto asset manages is Bitcoin – the customers use BTC for buying other digital coins.

The platform offers the same service with Euro for fiat-to-crypto trades. Now Dash will be used in the same way.

At they believe that this model allows traders to conduct transactions much faster – they do not have to deposit fiat to their exchange wallets. This takes quite a long time – up to a few hours. Crypto deposits take much faster.

The commission fee takes from trades totals only 0.5 percent. By global market standards that is considered quite a low charge.

Dash use in Europe expands

The new use case of Dash offered by expands the coin’s adoption on the continent. All crypto exchanges offer to buy Bitcoin with fiat. However, there are few platforms that allow purchasing Dash with fiat currencies. Now it will be possible on, which has a large amount of users in Europe.

This makes more people in Europe get acquainted with Dash and its PrivateSend feature, alogn with other ones, which make the coin one privacy-oriented and popular with merchants.

P2P exchanges

P2P exchanges or dexes (decentralized exchanges), as they are also known to be called, allow users to keep control of their private keys and funds in their wallets. This method is opposed to how centralized platforms owrk, such as Binance or Bitfinex. The majority of people keep their digital assets on centralized exchanges, jeopardizing their funds.

There have been many cases when exchanges lost their users’ funds after facing malicious attacks. A good example this year has been the New Zealand’s Cryptopia exchange. It has been hacked several times in a row.

Another famous case is that of Canada-based QuadrigaCX. Its CEO suddenly died in December 2018 on his trip to India. All private keys to the users’ funds were held in his encrypted laptop, which made all the crypto locked with hardly a chance to be recovered.

Centralized exchanges planning to launch DEXes

Several large centralized platforms are now planning to launch their own dexes. Binance has been planning on that since the end of last year. In December 2018, it released a demo video of how their dex will work.

Recently, Binance CEO announced that the Binance DEX in Singapore will be launched later in April. It will be launched on a separate blockchain (mainnet), Binance Chain, developed specially for this purpose.

Also, on Tuesday, Coindesk reported that KuCoin exchange is also considering a launch of a dex.