Exclusive High Speed Ethereum Mining is Now Available Thanks to Bitmain

Exclusive High Speed Ethereum Mining is Now Available Thanks to Bitmain

Two Asic-Style products specifically released for mining Ethereum and its forks have been released by mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain.

They are currently only visible on the Chinese version of the site. The mining speed for this product is up to 220mh/s. This release came just after the company produced the Antminer D3 which is to be used on Altcoin Dash.

It seems that the China-based company is increasingly expanding its dominance on the market led by the well know bitcoin personality Jihan Wu.

Both units are fairly expensive at a price of around $3000. Comments are from community members that the ones purchasing them are only doing so for convenience.

The G1 and G2 are not real ASIC miners and generating profit or even a return on the investment will be difficult to achieve.

“It’s much cheaper and way more profitable to build your own rig in the long run. A big plus to building your own rig is the resale value of the GPUs. If and when mining eventually becomes unprofitable you would be stuck with this big behemoth of a machine that can’t do anything.” – a comment on Bittalk reads.

It has been confirmed by Jihan Wu that the company would be funding up to $10 mln into its first US mining project. This is expected to increase up to $200mln of funding in the long-term.

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