First Audit Report On Cardano’s [ADA] Development Surfaces 10

First Audit Report On Cardano’s [ADA] Development Surfaces

Ranked 7th in the Cryptocurrency market according to Coinranking based on market cap, Cardano, a “decentralised public blockchain and cryptocurrency project that is fully open source” with it currency tagged ADA. Cardano in its developmental move to retain its position or rather move northward, released its first audit report titled “Cadarno Audit Report”.

According to the release, the audit report was launched with the believe that engineering and implementation of the protocol should be heightened. The report, which fulfils the intention to protect, evolve and enrich Cardano, majorly consist of IOHK’s work.

“We believe the engineering and implementation of the protocol should be approached with a similar degree of oversight. To accomplish this, Cardano Foundation are serving as a final auditor of IOHK’s work and the Foundation have retained FP Complete to perform an independent 3rd party audit of the engineering work completed by the Cardano development team, IOHK”.

The audit report, which kick started on December 2017, was compiled by FP Complete, a firm that produces report for Cardano foundation on regular basis. The report covers code, documentation and operational procedures. It was flagged to signal the altcoin’s “commitment to innovation”.

“This approach to development is unique and demonstrates Cardano’s commitment to innovation and technical rigour”.

Since the report aims at valuing engineering, it does not only underpin the aim of Cardano project which is transparency but also grant IOHK to “optimise the engineering methods and coding standards used to implement Cardano”.

While people had been waiting and anticipating for the report prior to the release, lover, users and may be other crypto enthusiast have responded to the release of the report in different dimension.

On Reddit, SwaggyTaffy, a regular user, in line with the report complained about IOHK’s work stating that “there are a lot of issues”.

While others commended the achievement as a great one towards the development of the Cryptocurrency.

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