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Five Days To TVM Launch, Tron’s (TRX) Daily Transactions Near Half Of Ethereum

Tron’s run to be better than Ethereum in the sphere seems to be displaying positive results. Attesting to this, a crypto analyst today issued out a tweet on the altcoin’s progress, stating that its day-to-day transactions is now close to that of Ethereum.

“The TRON network continues to expand at exponential rates. -Daily transactions at nearly half of Ethereum’s”.

He added to his statement by commending the effort of the team behind the altcoin.

“New wallets being created at all times. -TVM set to go live August 30th. True progress in the short amount of time that the network has been officially online”, the tweet reads.

Acknowledging the tweet, Tron Foundation and the founder of the altcoin, Justin Sun retweeted the update.

Tron Competes With Ethereum

Before the launch of Tron’s MainNet, Sun had waged war against Ethereum stating that as soon as the MainNet is released the former will be a great competitor of the latter, and it will surely be a better platform.

The official MainNet launch which took place on June 25 saw the migration Tron and its token from Ethereum’s ecosystem ERC20 network. After the acquisition of BitTorrent, the founder confidently came out to state that Tron is now 80 times faster than Ethereum.

“TRON is 80 times faster than Ethereum. With 14 years of experience, BitTorrent is providing a world-class service to 100 million users in 138 countries. Add the two together and you get the largest and most advanced peer-to-peer network in the world!”

Tron Virtual Machine Pending

While the Tron community continues to anticipate for the long awaited Tron Virtual Machine official launch which was slated for the end of the month, Sun alerted Tron enthusiasts that there are only five days until the release.

In a bid to become more popular in the crypto space, the Cryptocurrency has been offering bounties to its lovers.

Also the founder of a prominent China’s messaging app compared to Snapchat, Peiwo, Sun revealed that there will be a lottery draw for the altcoin’s supporters on the day of the TVM launch.