Forbes Launches "Forbes CryptoMarkets" 10

Forbes Launches “Forbes CryptoMarkets”

Forbes decided to enter the race to become an obligated information reference in the crypto verse. In a press release dated October 22, 2018, Forbes announced the launch of Forbes CryptoMarkets as a crypto tracking portal licensed by the Forbes Brand name.

According to statements by the Forbes team, the firm’s objectives are quite ambitious. Its initiative is a direct competition of several websites of reputable status within the crypto verse as coinmarketcap and cryptopanic.

“Forbes CryptoMarkets, which goes live in beta form today, features real-time pricing and volume information on several thousand cryptocurrencies and an initial five cryptocurrency indices worldwide. The comprehensive site also provides:
• Insights and information on worldwide exchanges such as listed cryptocurrencies, trading pairs, pricing, and volumes;
• A real-time newsfeed aggregating content from leading news organizations and companies, including content from Forbes’ family of sites worldwide;
• Indices tracking the performance of curated baskets of cryptocurrencies;
• Content from and other sources, including insightful articles and in-depth video interviews with cryptocurrency pioneers, thought leaders and other experts.”

In addition to being a kind of All-in-one solution, Forbes allows tracking the performance of some indices explicitly created for the crypto market such as; Forbes CryptoMarkets Top 30 Global “FB30,” Top 10 Global “FB10,” Top Cryptocurrencies Global “FBCC“, Top 10 Blockchain and DApps Global “FBAPPS” among others.

Forbes CryptoMarkets: Aiming High… Really, Really High

Mike Federle, CEO of Forbes Media, was quite enthusiastic about the launch of Forbes CryptoMarkets. According to his vision, this new branch would allow Forbes to reach an even larger audience, consolidating the business and supporting the growth of the ecosystem:

“Forbes provides the most comprehensive coverage of the cryptocurrency and blockchain marketplaces of any major media business brand in the world. Forbes CryptoMarkets, a new licensed business, represents a natural extension of our powerful brand into a new venture that promises to deliver immense value to investors, traders and market watchers.”

In the same way, Chien Lee, Chairman of NewCity Capital and Chairman of Forbes CryptoMarkets, described the ambitious objectives of this new initiative, which seeks to position itself as the “definitive resource for everything crypto and blockchain”:

“We are excited to partner with Forbes to create a trusted source for those seeking information on the new digital economy, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrencies, tokens and the companies underlying them … Forbes CryptoMarkets will be the definitive resource for everything crypto and blockchain.”

A challenging goal, but if anyone can do it, it’s Forbes.