In the future, Intel and Ledger will keep your coins safe


Ledger, a promising startup that intends to develop and further invent physical cryptocurrency storages, has signed a partnership agreement with Intel, a tech giant whose processors are in computers of many of our readers.

Intel is quietly and slowly moving towards expansion on the cryptocurrency market, as seen from the news about its work with 21 Inc startup dedicated to mining hardware. The collaboration with Intel will prove beneficial for Ledger, and the CEO of the latter company confirms this: “Working with a leading player like Intel is a unique opportunity to keep providing our growing client base with innovative solutions for cryptocurrency and blockchain applications,” he told CoinDesk.

Hardware wallets, the field of Ledger’s work, is potentially very attractive to holders of vast sums of digital currency. If hackers decide to attack big exchanges, all funds previously stored on such a wallet, no bigger than a usual USB flash drive, will remain in place. If the hardware wallet is manufactured with in-built resistance to damage (similarly to some flash drive models), the holder’s coins will even be safe after everything else is destroyed by some catastrophe similar to recent hurricanes in the United States and Puerto Rico.

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