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Gain Crypto Without Using Fiat Money: Bounty Hunters

If you are looking around and researching for a way to increase your stack without using traditional money into it – this could be where your ‘tour’ starts off. There are certain tasks within different difficulty range that could be completed to earn crypto-bounties as rewards.

To explain it simply – you complete a certain task put down by a particular project and your reward will be sent to you, like bounty hunters back in the days or when you complete a quest in a game! Now you do not need to do anything dangerous like that just “quest” put down by the developing teams that need to be completed.

As you can see below, bounties can be extremely easy to perform. For the Datum team, some of the basic tasks range from following the project on Twitter to watching a YouTube interview with the Datum CEO.

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It does not mean that all tasks are easy like this. Some are very complex – as they could involve researching and finding bugs in a specific batch of code. That kind of ‘quest’ could lead you to thousands of dollars rewards.

The constant stream of ICOs are going to be your breadwinner when it comes to bounty work. They’re always popping up, and they’re always needing marketing help and beyond. Whether it’s writing blog posts, networking press releases or the like, these start-ups are willing to pay for your assistance.

However, there are non-Initial Coin Offerings that deliver the same task-completion-reward system. For example – Coinbase does offer up to $50k for a bug bounty.

Anybody can be a part of the bounties, but you have to prove that you actually did follow the quest. The Dev’s team or requesting team could take care of all that are you have to pull out facts like screenshots.

Bounties are particularly great for crypto-enthusiasts who don’t have a lot of extra fiat to spend on new crypto but still would love to build some crypto up by putting their free time to good use.

Bounty0x is trying to do exactly that.