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Hark Fork Byzantium Unfolds Without Any Problems – Ethereum Price Surging?

Ethereum has been officially updated to Byzantium, the cryptocurrency’s 5th hard fork to occur. Creator Vitalik Buterin is seen celebrating the successful transition with the other developers on social media.

Over the last few days, Byzantium software was constantly withdrawn due to critical bugs found in the code. Developers corrected the bugs at the last possible moment, but not without considering to delay the fork to have a more stable launch.

ETH prices remained relatively stable both before and after the fork’s execution, rising around $40 October 13 and maintaining new levels since.

This takes ETH towards the upper end of its price spectrum, which this year saw all-time highs of around $410 and a July low of $146.

Regardless of the frenetic increase of investment in Ethereum this year, Byzantium is a bundle of changes and improvements to the protocol that has been in development since 2015. Know as Metropolis, its roadmap currently extends to an unknown date in 2018, when another hard fork will initiate, called Constantinople.

Metropolis is a large-scale upgrade that is broken in two phases Byzantium and Constantinople. Byzantium occurred at block 4.37mil, however Constantinople does not have a formal release date yet, but it is expected to occur sometime in 2018.

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