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Here Is Justin’s Plan for Rewards on BitTorrent and More on the Future of the Tron (TRX) Network

It has been an exciting ride for the Tron (TRX) project and its fans for the last one year since the ICO was launched and completed in early September last year. The initial token price back then was one TRX at $0.0019. That same TRX is valued at  $0.020 and could be valued at a higher price were it not for an overall bear market in the crypto-verse. Notable events since then have been launching a testnet, a mainnet, a virtual machine, acquiring BitTorrent and Bitcoin.Org, as well as other noteworthy developments such as the Tron Community being firmly behind Justin and his vision for a decentralized web.

It is with the above that Forbes magazine recently sat down for an interview with Justin. The full interview is available online but we’d like to highlight a few of his comments with regards to the future of the Tron ecosystem.

When asked about monetary incentives for content creators, Justin stated that:

Now that TRON is well established as a major public chain, we are looking beyond just incentivizing content and more toward building a healthy ecosystem…Essentially, we are working to achieve our dream of “decentralizing the web”.

From this comment, we can clearly see that Justin’s vision is beyond the ‘monetary’ aspect of the project. A wise man once said that we should strive to find a profession we are passionate about and the rewards will come automatically. Perhaps this is how Justin views the project by first building a stable secure platform then the users and developers will come.

This then led to Justin being asked how the BitTorrent platform was going to be integrated into the Tron ecosystem to which he replied:

Our role as the largest decentralized protocol is to provide the best possible service to our users. Our mission is to provide a fast, safe, and reliable product that is usable both on desktop and mobile. Currently, we are actively working on Project Atlas, a major step toward a fairer Internet. The project is in collaboration with BitTorrent, and will extend the lifespan of their torrents’ swarms, offer rewards to peers who seed torrents, infuse resources into the torrent ecosystem, and establish financial rewards in return. The project will transform the way people share and consume content, helping to re-shape the industry for the better.

Justin also shared his reason for running for Super Representative and what it meant for the Tron project:

Right now I share this responsibility with 26 other candidates and I look forward to working more with them to make our protocol the best possible space for our community.

In conclusion, Justin Sun has his eyes set in creating Web 4.0 which is a better internet for this generation that is decentralized and inclusive. A future where there is collaboration for content online as well as the community governing how it works.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to give financial advice. Any opinion herein should be taken as is. Please carry out your own research before investing in any of the numerous cryptocurrencies available.