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How Cardano (ADA) Will Use GeoGnomo To Enhance Interoperability & Standards

GeoGnomo is an open source project by Long Finance’s Distributed Futures research programme.

The idea is proudly financed by Cardano (ADA) foundation and it is targeted towards researching and sharing methods employed in smart ledger geostamping. It enjoys progress owing to its ways of recording areas that also aid efficient retrieval.

It is no doubt that applications needs to go beyond storing transactions (timestamping), they requires geolocation information. This has led to the rise of ‘geostamping. Geostamping is seen as a combination of timestamping and geolocation information.

How It Works

The innovation, GeoGnomo, has built-to-share 3 approaches for recording areal information:

A Quaternary Triangular System.

Quaternary Rectangular System.

A Variable Rectangular System.

All this can be used to record geographic areas into a blockchain by generating source code, and an online translation from latitude & longitude areas to geocodes.

In this wise the blockchain use case has an immediate ‘global post code’ or ‘global zip code’ system.

In a research work published by Long  Finance, it was indicated that GeoGnomo, an open source project “exploring various forms of geocoding for use in Smart Ledgers (aka blockchains with embedded computer code). The GeoGnomo project focuses on memorable systems that provide easy ways to aggregate areas together, as well as giving users some clues to location and distance and scale.”

“By using consistent geocoding data retrieval is easier. Users can share information easily – “tell the drone to come to F49PUR9B7-20”, a resolution of 7.6 metres,” Long Finance said in a statement.

The idea is going to be added to Smart Contract platform, thereby enhancing operability and standards. Interestingly, it may be deployed by Cardano (ADA) any time soon to enhance its Smart Contract platform.

To make the idea well grinded in the minds of people interested in smart contract geostamping, Long Finance is planning a presentation on “Smart Ledger Geostamping – Steps Towards Interoperability & Standards”. This is to keep blockchain enthusiasts abreast of how.